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Oil Can Classic/PHBA World Championship Cattle Show

October 30, 2017

Palomino Horse Breeders of America (PHBA) is excited for the new opportunity for PHBA members to participate in the Palomino World Championship Cattle Show, Special Event. After much anticipation PHBA is eager about joining forces with the Oil Can Classic. “Our membership and registration provides a number of roping or cattle horses to the industry. We […]

Register your Palomino easily and quickly at the All American Quarter Horse Congress

October 3, 2017

Take advantage of this special PHBA registration offer of $50 available only at the All American Quarter Horse Congress! In today’s horse market, breeders can’t afford to miss any opportunity to increase the value of their horses. This is one opportunity you won’t want to miss! Bring your PHBA paperwork to the Palomino Horse Breeders […]

2018 Affiliate Palomino Association Annual Notifications

October 2, 2017

The 2018 Annual Notification forms for Officers, National Directors and Alternate National Directors are now available on the PHBA website. You will also find the APA National Director Allocation for 2017 is based on membership totals as of September 30th. These forms should be used to report the election results for your association. Per the PHBA Constitution and […]