Spring and Summer 2013 PHBHF Update

The Palomino Horse Breeders Heritage Foundation has reached several milestones this year, with more coming.  March 13th, saw the grand opening of the Museum at the PHBA offices in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  The PHBHF Board appreciates the support and assistance of the Tulsa Chamber of Commerce in making this event even more special than it was originally conceived.  Thanks to the local TV stations for sending their news crews, as well, and to all who attended this event.  Following the grand opening, a celebratory evening was held at the Tulsa Hyatt Regency hotel, with dinner and good conversation which drew just about every convention attendee.  Past PHBA President, Terry Goble, won the evening’s heritage costume judging which was done by the audience.  A close runner-up was Bev Armstrong.  Photos of the big day were taken by Rocky Bluff Photography’s very own Heather Branson Kubik.  A beautiful photo book is available of that day for those interested in procuring one.  Please contact any of the board for information.


Many, many encouraging and positive comments were made by those seeing the museum exhibits.  The Board so appreciates all who supported and are continuing to support the endeavors of this museum whose mission is to preserve the history of PHBA and to educate those wishing to have information about the palomino horse and the people who loved them.  History is constant and on-going, so the work of the Foundation is perpetual.  Education is the road to the future, so your support is vital to the success of the mission of the Foundation.  We thank all of you who have donated funds, articles and your time and expertise.


The Board asked PHBA to include two Heritage classes during the 2013 PHBA World Championship Show.  One was an open halter class and the other an open western pleasure class.  Show attire for both horse and exhibitor was to be from the 40’s through the 60’s (the  early years of PHBA).  The Board was very appreciative to see the creativity of the exhibitors and the way they filled these two classes and thank the owners and exhibitors for their support.  The Board knows the work it took to show these horses the way they were shown back then.  The Board thanks the judging panel of Buddy Brown and Brad Gibby (who came in as a substitute judge) for their expertise and willingness to go back a few years to remember the show rules of “yesteryear”.  The Board is delighted to state that these two classes will be offered again in 2014 with the possibility of adding another class or maybe an exhibition of a class from the past.  The Foundation was one of the sponsors of  the dinner that evening.  A special display item was of some of the winners and people involved in the very first PHBA World Show.  That brought back a lot of memories and was so well received.


The work of the Foundation Board is going on throughout the busy summer months.  We would ask those of you who have early trophies, ribbons, awards, certificates, show attire and/or equipment and anything else to contact one of the Board members about either donating or loaning it to the museum for display.  Please feel free to contact PHBA about visiting the museum during office business hours.  The staff will welcome you.  Our work this summer and fall will consist of future plans for events and displays as well as archiving papers, photographs and other pertinent material.  If you wish to donate a gift of money, you will be recognized and you will receive a letter for tax purposes.  If you wish to give a donation in someone’s name or memory, we will put it to good use in order to remember their work and lives.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any or us.  I’ll pick up my phone no matter where I am.  The Foundation board will meet again for work days on August 21st and 22nd.



Alda Buresh, PHBHF President