PHBA Trainer Crisis Fund


To be eligible for Crisis Fund assistance an Applicant:

  • Must be a current member in good standing in PHBA and a member for at least the previous two (2) years and the current year.
  • Member applying for assistance must complete the application for assistance and send it to the PHBA office.
  • Must be on the Trainers Crisis List of donated trainers and there must be a signed trainers contract at the PHBA office. Contract to participate
  • Trainers list will be updated April 1 of each year.
Trainer Crisis Fund Application

Crisis Fund Committee will:

  • Grant or deny application for assistance, based on the Trainers Crisis Fund Committee.
  • Determine amount or type of assistance based on the severity of the occurrence or the illness, income, dependents, availability of insurance or other resources.
  • Aide in establishing financial counseling, personal support groups, temporary trainer assistance, supplies, clothing, equipment or household supplies instead of money.

Funding for this Crisis Fund will be done by any contributions, selling of one month training by nominated trainers.  An auction may be held at the PHBA World Show each year.  Any other auctions or fundraisers that an individual or State affiliate might want to do must pass the approval of the Crisis Fund Committee.

Crisis Fund Committee will meet by phone or in person as needed to assist in helping any eligible nominee for Crisis Fund Assistance.

A list of trainers that have donated a month training will be listed on the PHBA website.  They will be sold on a first come basis, for the sum of $650.00.  They will be listed as sold when payment has been received at the PHBA office.  Trainers will be notified immediately when sold.  They will receive a contract from PHBA with the purchaser’s name, address, and phone number.  It will be at the discretion of the trainer as to arrival of the horse to be trained.  Purchaser will contact trainer about the time for the horse to arrive.  All other normal expenses will still apply; farrier, vet and any bills other than training.