CHP Sponsors

We cannot properly convey the depth of our gratitude for the help and support that the following companies and individuals have generously given this program.  Every year numerous challenged horsemen ride at our world show and they all leave winners.  It takes a lot of effort, both financially and in time and energy, to send them all home with a world show trophy and other awards.  It is such a memorable event for our challenged exhibitors and they are very proud of the fact that they have succeeded!  Their awards will be there for the rest of their lives to remind them that they truly are winners!

The sponsors below donate their time, energy or funds simply because they’re good people wanting to help.  This is a good cause and they know it.  They’re people just like us trying to do the right thing.

In exchange for their generosity we list them here and hope that you will go to their web sites and support them, as well.  As we mentioned, they’re good people and we believe they deserve our support.

Sundowner WesternHauler