Youth President’s Message

Kate Roehrs, PHBA-Y President 2022-2023

Hello everyone, I am the 2022-2023 PHBA Youth President.  My name is Kate Roehrs and I have been showing horses for almost 9 years. I am so excited to work with this amazing group of individuals I get to call my board. Let me announce who everyone is (hold your applause till the end). To my partner in crime, Past-President, Macey Koehler, I am sad to see you go, but so grateful for everything you’ve done. Reese Pekny is President-Elect, Landon Battey and Ellie Roehrs are the Co-Vice Presidents, Lanie Phelps is Secretary, Ally Koehler is Treasurer, and Kaitlyn Jones is Reporter. My Appointees are as follows, Bryn Janke, Cj Kirkland, and Paige Moser.

Here are some fun facts about myself. I love music and play the piano, ukulele, and enjoy singing (I’ve sung the National Anthem at our shows multiple times). Basketball and softball were my main sports in high school. Along with horses, I love dogs and have a 3 year old corgi named Rue who is my pride and joy. Currently I’m in the midst of getting my EMT certification and my Cosmetology degree and plan to major in Sports Medicine.

Alright, enough about myself and more about what my goals are for the PHBA-Y Association. Over the past two years, there has been a huge turning point in our fundraising which has allowed the Youth Board the opportunity to give away so many amazing prizes at our world show in Springfield, IL. With the help of our INCREDIBLE sponsors and youth advisors, we have been able to provide prizes for each placing in every class up to 5th place, along with an abundance of give-aways and door prizes. This past year we raised enough money to award belt buckles to the winner of every class along with their Cowboy Bronze trophy. This is something I would love to see continue in the future with the hopes that it will grow each year. After all the hard work our youth kids put in throughout the year to prepare for the World Show, I feel this is something they deserve and is a goal the Youth Board is willing to work towards.

Thank you all so much for the opportunity to serve as the PHBA-Y President. I am excited for everything the Youth Board has in store and hope to see many of you at the upcoming shows. Safe travels and best of luck to everyone!