Youth President’s Message

Macey Koehler, PHBA-Y President 2021-2022

Happy fall horse world! My name is Macey Koehler, and I am happy to be the new president of the PHBA Youth Association. I have been in the association since I was in fifth grade and never stopped loving it. I’m super excited to be leading this great group with a fresh start.

This season’s youth board will be able to overcome all obstacles we come across and present new ideas that will raise the PHBA youth participation to new heights. Now to announce the board, drum roll please… president-elect and partner-in-crime, Kate Roehrs, co-vice presidents, Reese Pekny and Landon Battey, secretary, Elli Roehrs, treasurer, Lanie Phelps, reporter, Ally Koehler, and three appointees, Bryn Janke, CJ Kirkland, and Kaitlyn Jones.

Q & A about myself within PHBA:

Q: Why show PHBA?
A: I have always loved seeing the friends that become family almost every weekend throughout the summer. Everyone is always on your team and cheering you on in the show pen, and in everyday life too.

Q: Favorite food?
A: French fries by far. No question about it.

Q: Coffee or tea?
A: Both, coffee almost every morning, but a mix of sweet tea+lemonade later in the day is great.

Q: Future dream job?
A: When I grow up (it’ll happen eventually, but not really that soon), I want to be a zoological architect. I would like to help make better living environments for all types of animals, large and
small, to have a more enjoyable life. I will be attending UW River Falls this year, also playing on their golf team.

Q: What would you tell your younger self who is just starting to show in PHBA?
A: You know how movies are always talking about how it would be a disaster to talk to your younger self because they would try to change the timeline of life? I would tell myself, “It’ll happen, don’t worry”. That’s it. That way, I won’t try changing anything, because I know that I’d try my hardest to do just that. It could mean falling in showmanship at the world show will happen, winning a world championship will happen, or losing the golden horse award by a couple of points will happen, and it will all be ok.

Q: Future goal for PHBA-Y?
A: Having kids so excited to show and attend the world show, in hopes, they bring their best friends and fellow show mates with them for the fun. Even if they are not in the horse industry, it
leads to expanding the curiosity and amazing talent the youth have.

This year is going to be a great year for all of PHBA, and I’m so excited to be a part of it!