Youth Programs

6001. Membership Requirement. Refer Rule(s) 1-5.
6002. Age Requirements. Refer to Rule(s) 5.
A. The minimum age of a youth exhibitor is five (5) years;
B. If a youth is thirteen (13) years of age on December 31, of the preceding year, s/he will show as a thirteen (13) year-old for the next calendar year, even though s/he may become fourteen (14) within the show year;
C. The maximum age is eighteen (18) years. However, if a youth is eighteen (18) years of age on December 31st, of the  receding  year, s/he will show as an eighteen (18) year-old for the next calendar year, even though s/he may become nineteen (19) within the show year.
6003. Youth Programs. These are the youth programs:
A. Youth eighteen (18) years through five (5) years which may be split into the following age groups:
1) Youth five (5) years through thirteen(13) years,
2) Youth fourteen (14) through eighteen (18) years;
B. Novice Youth eighteen (18) years through five (5) years which may be split
into the following age groups:
1) Novice Youth five (5) years through thirteen (13) years;
2) Novice Youth fourteen (14) through eighteen (18) years
C. Youth Walk Trot eighteen (18) years through five (5) years which should be split into the following age groups whenever possible but which can be combined by the show management when one or both of the classes do not have more than two (2)  entries. When combined follow the 5 through 9 rules omitting extended gaits in all classes and the gate in the Trail class.
1) Youth Walk Trot five (5) through nine (9) years;
2) Youth Walk-Trot ten (10) through eighteen (18) years:
E. Events may be offered for each of these youth programs with no restrictions
as to the number in a class.
6004. Combining Divisions. Similar classes in different divisions will be combined however their points allocated to their specific age division. Exception: Color class, refer to Rule(s) 3372-3374 and Novice youth will not be combined.
6005. Birth Certificate. A certified copy of the youth’s birth certificate should be submitted to PHBA.
6006. Marriage. Married contestants or those who have been married, regardless of age, are ineligible for youth competition. Points earned prior to the marriage count towards youth awards.
6007. Recommended Classes. It is recommended that a horse show offer at least three (3) youth classes in any one division for that show to be eligible for approval. At least one (1) class must be youth showmanship at halter.
6008. Ownership. A youth does not have to own the PHBA horse that s/he shows in the youth program classes.
6009. Exhibiting Multiple Horses. A youth may not show more than one (1) horse in any class; however, in individual working events, a youth may show three (3) horses. EXCEPTION: Showmanship, Horsemanship; and were it prohibits such as longe line.
6010. Exhibiting of Same Horse.
A. No horse may be exhibited by more than one (1) youth in any one class;
B. A horse may be shown by different youth in different subdivisions of the same class. Example: a horse shown by a youth in 13 & under western pleasure may be shown by another youth in 14-18 western pleasure.
6011. Stallions. Stallions may not be exhibited in any Youth class. A Youth under 13 years of age may not lead a stallion in any class.
6012. Changing Horses. A judge may not ask the exhibitor to change horses with another exhibitor in any youth event.
6013. Class Specifications. Youth classes will be judged according to the rules of the corresponding open classes, if not specifically described.
6014. Every person competing in the PHBA Youth Program shall be notified that the Youth Program may permit options that might prohibit future Amateur and Novice/Amateur Program eligibility.
6015. At show management’s option, any number of youth performance classes may be offered as Youth 18 & Under and Novice Youth 18 & Under classes. EXCEPTION: jumping and team penning may only be offered as Youth 18 & Under.
6016. Youth classes must be consolidated if insufficient entries warrant.
6017. Youth class of one (1) entry or less must be consolidated.

6021. Novice Youth Eligibility. A person is considered a Novice Youth exhibitor by PHBA when a youth has met all the following qualifications for the previous five (5) calendar years.
A. Exhibitors cannot have earned more than 50 youth points or 50 Novice Youth points in a class in PHBA or any other equine organizations.
1) Halter, color, longe line, hunter in hand, parade, walk-trot and points from classes not offered in the Novice division are not used in calculating Novice Youth status;
B. The Novice Youth cannot have won a World Champion title in PHBA or any other breed organization;

C. The Novice Youth cannot have earned more than $5000 in cash awards in PHBA or any other equine organization.