Trainer Sale

The below trainers have donated a month training.  They will be sold on a first come basis, for the sum of $600.00.  They will be listed as sold when payment has been received at the PHBA office.  Trainers will be notified immediately when sold.  They will receive a contract from PHBA with the purchaser’s name, address, and phone number.  It will be at the discretion of the trainer as to arrival of the horse to be trained.  Purchaser will contact trainer about the time for the horse to arrive.  All other normal expenses will still apply; farrier, vet and any bills other than training.

Anderson, Carol TX SOLD
Arbo, Merle MO SOLD
Beaver, Tom TX
Berryhill, Leonard OK
Brown, Justin TX SOLD
Budke, Shawn Kristin OH SOLD
Carruth, Lisa MS SOLD
Davis, Kimberly Tidwell AL SOLD
Fletcher, Chuck OH SOLD
Furnish, Terry IN SOLD
Hersom, Darrel SD SOLD
Hoeppner, Mike TX SOLD
Jeter, Brenda TX SOLD
Kabeisman, John SD
Poche, Mattie LA
Prather, Barbara NC SOLD
Remus, Dave MN SOLD
Reichert, Angie Proctor FL SOLD
Rystrom, Scott NE SOLD
Tidwell, Steve AL SOLD
Spinks, Ricky TX
Steward, Gene Ray KY SOLD
Sullen, Dale TX
Vandekieft, Brian IA
Young, Josh & Ricky TN SOLD