President’s Message

Tom Craun, PHBA President 2022-2023

Hello Fellow Palomino Enthusiasts

PHBA just recently completed the 2022 National Convention in Tulsa Oklahoma which was well-attended by National Delegates, there were also many Youth in attendance for their meeting and they ran one of the best run sessions I have witnessed, the youth advisors have done a “Great “job and we can’t wait to see what they have in store for their July meeting and awards. They did vote to move their awards and convention to coincide with the parent organization next year.

While in Tulsa, the PHBA Heritage Foundation invited all members of PHBA to attend a tour and function at the Museum and National Office’s for PHBA. The Heritage Foundation was presenting the three APA’s that are celebrating their 80th anniversary of an APA charter, those are Texas (TPEA), Kansas (PHEK) and Oklahoma (OPEA). Congratulations to all three and thank you to Heritage Foundation for the invite. Pictures can be found on the PHBA face book page.

The convention was a busy 4 days of business and social interaction beginning with the Welcome function, the live auction on Friday evening, thank you to auctioneers Mike and Brian Bendele, and cannot forget about the bid catchers and buyers, we thank you for the funds raised for many activities that the PHBA family does for members and exhibitors during the year. Saturday night, the Awards and an impromptu after party from the traveling “Hee Haw Happy Hour” show were all entertaining. We are already planning something for the 2023 convention so plan on attending next year.

Just a few committee notes:

  • Youth – Raised funds so all winners receive a buckle at youth world, voted to move their awards and convention to coincide with PHBA National Convention
  • Marketing – updating all literature and forms for PHBA, adding QR codes for easy access to these forms. Web and office assistance through interns
  • APA – A welcome letter and discount coupon to Tioga Territory (official merchandise) for all new members to PHBA
  • Professional Horseman – Make list available to all APA show management to publish and use at their shows
  • Trainers Crisis – revised contracts, forms and update the list of available trainers for sale, ideas for how to raise more funds
  • World Show – additional PB classes, additional payout classes which we hope to continue the trend, and many more ideas on how to make the show enjoyable for all, more later to come about our World Show.
  • Amateur – Election of new officers and planning activities during the year and WS

Did you know PHBA has a “You Tube” channel? We do and please like and follow us: Palomino Horse Breeders of America and watch for more videos during the year, you can also follow-on social media like Facebook and others.

As we prepare for the 2022 show trail, please support your APA, “Good luck and have fun”.