President’s Message

Tom Craun, PHBA President 2022-2023

PHBA Presidents Message


To our Palomino Family,

Welcome to the fall of 2022, the year is flying by at a much to rapid pace. The leaves will be turning, days getting shorter, and we will be complaining about the length of the days. The Fall APA shows will be getting closer. The new youth board had their first call and already planning on bigger and better for the youth at the world show, visit with your board members and ask what you can do to help.

Purina Better Horse’s Network was at our PHBA World show in July shooting an episode that will be aired on several channels sometime in the near future, right now they are still putting the episode together and will give us air dates soon, when we to learn of those dates, we will do an email blast and social media announcements, look for Susie on our Facebook and You tube channel for that announcement, I can’t wait to see it.

Speaking of “Our” PHBA world show, we received a lot of positive comments about schedule, arena condition and the new Trail Class Shootout, we plan on expanding that for next year, incase you missed it, the pattern was a combination of regular trail and ranch trail obstacles with a couple of additional, “ Bonus” obstacles one for each division. I can’t say enough good things about the “ Street Party”, we did learn if we use the same grill next year, we need longer handled spatulas as several of the cooks singed some hair cooking the 600 “ Bradshaw Burgers” and hot dogs. The “ Hee Haw Road Show” entertainment was great, the addition of Silent Auction items donated by the Petrosky Family raised money for the PHBA Youth and CHP programs, we thank them again. It was fun giving the Loves $500 fuel card away and we thank Loves and Carmen O’Donnell  for that donation. We also learned that someone always has a bigger water gun, or hose. If you missed it this year, you missed a good time, but plans are being made for 2023.

There was a lot of people thanking TBQH and the payout money for the Amateur Halter winners and Amateur color, they also sponsored  awards to the Youth Halter winners, a belt buckle for all the hard work they put in getting their horses ready and shown. We can’t thank all our sponsors enough for the generosity towards PHBA and its members, some adding money for payout to a few classes. We are working on putting a sponsor team together already for next year and brainstorming how to get more money towards paybacks. If you have ideas, please contact or submit an idea in writing to your EB or marketing committee members.

We are finalizing the plans for the annual convention, it will be in Tulsa once again March 7-12, we would sure like to see your smiling faces in attendance and help guide us into the future. We are in final negotiations with two hotels trying to get our members the best deal. That announcement should be out soon. Look for Convention Registration information on the web ( soon. Rule Change proposals will be due by November 7 , 2022.

Until Next Time,

Tom Craun

2022-2023 PHBA President