PHBA Recreational Riding Program Rules


  1. Riders/Drivers are required to be PHBA, PHBA-A, PHBA-Y members.
  2. One time enrollment fee of $25.00–(Fee change from $15.00), non-refundable, for each equine/rider or driver combination.
  3. Recreational Riding Program is open to any equine; including mules, ponies and horses. EXCEPTION: PHBA Challenged Horseman participants may log hours on any horse, regardless of registration status.
  4. Each rider/driver must keep an accurate log of hours spent riding or driving.  Log sheets are to be returned to PHBA, and PHBA will record achievements.
  5. Hours must be kept on an official PHBA Log Sheet, with: Breed Registry Name, Horse Name, Horse Number, Member Name, and PHBA ID Number.  Only one log sheet per horse/driver combination.
  6. Hours may be logged on more than one equine. Separate log sheets must be used for each additional horse/rider or driver combination, with an additional fee of $15.00. EXCEPTION: PHBA Challenged Horseman participants logged hours will accumulate on all horses that are ridden by these individuals. The additional $15.00 horse fee will not be applicable.
  7. There is no time limit for completion of a level of achievement, however; continuous membership, PHBA, PHBA-A, or PHBA-Y must be attained to receive awards.


  • 50 Hours–PHBA Certificate of Completion
  • 100 Hours–PHBA Certificate of Completion
  • 250 Hours–PHBA Certificate of Completion
  • 500 Hours–PHBA Certificate of Completion
  • 1000 Hours–PHBA Certificate of Completion
  • 1500 Hours–PHBA Certificate of Completion
  • 2000 Hours–PHBA Certificate of Completion
  • 3000 Hours-PHBA Certificate of Completion
  • 4000 Hours-PHBA Certificate of Completion
  • 5000 Hours–PHBA Certificate of Completion

SPONSORS: The following items will apply when sponsors are secured for any and all Awards.

  1. 5000 Hours–Belt Buckle Sponsor
    1. Sponsor will sign a sponsor contract with PHBA.
    2. Belt Buckle design will be finalized by the Sponsor and the PHBA Executive Board.
    3. If a company is chosen to supply the belt buckle, and is not a PHBA Sponsor, authorization for the use of the PHBA Logo must be obtained from the PHBA Executive Board.

The Recreational Riding Program is designed for Recreational Riders/Drivers. Awards will not be retroactive, however; Awards will be available for purchase through PHBA.