Amateur Presidents Message

It’s Dec., the final month in 2020.  2020 will go down in the record books.  But let’s put a twist on it.

We’ve had more than our share of challenges, and together we saw them through.

2020, thank you for challenging me to find the best in every situation.

•             I found the passion and spirit of the equine community is strong.  We connect as friends and family, no matter the distance or situation.

•             Where there’s a will there’s a way.  If plan A won’t work, there is always plan B, or C, if need be. To all the Affiliate Palomino Assoc. and PHBA, thank you for enduring all you encountered to secure shows for us this past year.

•             We have a heart to give back to those in need with charitable items   We made a difference with our items to Kumler Ministries. And we’ll do it again in 2021.

•             We can make lemonade out of lemons.   In this case, ice cream.  We couldn’t gather for our typical ice cream social at the world show, so we reimagined the distribution and brought the ice cream to you.  People like ice cream in general, but especially sundae cones and ice cream sandwiches on a warm afternoon.

I also found I could venture outside my comfort zone, and survive.  I’ve wanted to experience doing interviews and post to our FB page.  I enjoyed taping interviews with class winners on my iphone and posting live feed from the world show.  The Amateur page was very busy updating those of you at home with everything going on and who was winning.  Even a Sr horse can learn new maneuvers with the right will to try.

This past year may have looked different but my commitment to you never wavered.  My intension was to inform, enlighten, and entertain, with a smile.  I hope I succeeded.  The hardest part about communicating, is listening.  I hope, I have communicated and listened to you over these years.  With a new year comes new hopes and dreams.  What are yours?  How can I help, I’m listening………….

My favorite gift you have given me over the year was the gift of togetherness.  There will always be a reason why you meet people.  Either you need them to change your life or you’re the one who will change theirs.  You have changed mine.  The most beautiful things in life are not just things.  They’re people and places, memories and pictures.  They’re feelings and moments, and smiles and laughter.  Thank you everyone for your part in this chapter of my life.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

From your Amateur Board and me,

Marleen Cowie

Amateur Assoc. President