Amateur Presidents Message

It’s been a while since I have talked with you all. I apologize for that. We need to stay in touch and communicate. Especially in these times.
The Amateur Board has been diligently working on activities for the world show in Sept.

• The Team Tournament awards are finished and ready to go to the show. Be sure to sign up when you send in your entries or no later in person (or someone on your behalf) than Sunday, Sept 20 by 5:00 to be eligible for the drawing pool.
• The ice cream social is set for Wed. Sept 23. We all love our ice cream. This year due to safety protocol we have chosen to distribute ice cream sandwiches, fudge bars, possibly popsicles. We have your safety in mind.
• Our WS class sponsorship and ads have been sent in.
• Basket raffles will once again be on display at the amateur booth as a fund raiser. I know there is a $250 McClelland’s gift certificate and a saddle pad by Show Diva in the mix. We are currently working on other items for purchase at the booth. I will keep you apprised on any new developments. Stop by the amateur booth and check everything out.
• We will be collecting non-perishable food and used clothing for the Kumler Ministries.

The ice cream social is a must at the world show. It’s tradition! Thank you to our sponsors who made all this possible.
I know we all have questions. I have questions too. The WS Sponsorship comm. is developing a Q&A document to give us guidance and information. It will be posted soon. Until then we must be patient and move forward with the information we do have. Such as entry deadline is Aug 10. WS class sponsorships and ads can still be purchased.

This year the World Show might look a bit different with the mandatory mask requirement and social distancing protocols per the State of Ill DOH, but some things will never change. Such as the feeling you get when you hear the announcer call out your name as the World Champion or when the Championship ribbon is placed around your horse’s neck. Having pictures by Jeff Kirkbride to capture the moment in time, to reminisce this special occasion years to come. Or watching and cheering on your friends as they enter down the center of the ring, and you cheer louder when they place and receive their ribbon. We can unite and lift each other, help and support each other. We are all in this together. We are Palomino strong.

Be strong, be smart, be safe, and spread out on the rail,
Marleen Cowie
Amateur Assoc. President
[email protected]