Show Management

Show Approvals are $50.00 Per Judge. Show approvals must be postmarked at least 90 days prior to the date of the show in order to avoid the penalty per Rule 3006. Any show application received in the PHBA office less then 60 days prior to the show shall be denied.

Horse show fees are $7.00 per horse per judge to be submitted within the time frame per Rule 3052.

3053. Failure to submit show results will result in:

A. $100 per show per judge fee after the first ten business day period.

B. An additional $100 will be added per show per judge each ten (10) business days the horse show is late over and above the first ten (10) business days.

3054. The payment of the appropriate administrative fees which are not received within ten (10) business days will be penalized according to the time frame in Rule(s) 3053 A and B.

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