Youth President's Message

Gabrielle Taylor – 2016-2017 – PHBA Youth President

A very special PHBA World Show celebrating 50 years of PHBA Youth and 75 of PHBA has come to a close, but not without a week of great horse showing, fun activities, and memories made.  On my way home, I was finally able to reflect on the week and appreciate everything that just happened from watching our Past President Bailey Beasley present the American Flag on her horse to start the week and our Youth Kick Off Bash to the final presentations of Golden Horse Awards to my fellow exhibitors who worked so hard with their horses to earn that great achievement.  The best part though, was the number of new people each of us met throughout the week and the memories we will have forever showing our golden horses.

This year the youth set up a hydration station outside the arena check in gate to keep everyone hydrated during the show day, and the Youth Board participated in handing out awards which was a lot of fun to me!  This year we added the Youth Walk Trot 18 & Under classes to the show and it was wonderful to see the level of participation and confidence building going on!  Thank you to everyone who makes the PHBA World Show a success and we look forward to many more!

We are mid-way through the show season, stay focussed, be a good sport – and make a difference!

Gabrielle Taylor