2019 World Show – Class Results

Friday, July 19

PHBA_NSBA Amateur Longe Line

Weanling Mares

Yearling Mares

2YO Mares

3YO Mares

Aged Mares

Performance Halter Mares

Premier Halter Mares

PB Mares All Ages

Junior Western Pleasure

Amt PB Western Pleasure

Amt Select Western Pleasure

Nov Amt Western Pleasure

PHBA_NSBA 4YO and Over Western Pleasure

Pole Bending All Ages

Amt Pole Bending

Amt Stake Race

Flag Race All Ages

Amt Flag Race

Junior Barrel Racing

Senior Barrel Racing

PB Barrel Racing All Ages

Amt Barrel Racing

Thursday, July 18

Amt Weanling Mares

Amt Yearling Mares

Amt 2YO Mares

Amt 3YO Mares

Amt Aged Mares

Amt Performance Halter Mares

Premier Amt Mares

Amt PB Mares

PHBA_NSBA Yearling Longe Line

Amt Select Showmanship

PB Amt Showmanship

Amt Showmanship

Amt Walk Trot Showmanship

Nov Amt Showmanship

Western Riding All Ages

Amt Western Riding

Amt Ranch Horse

Ranch Horse

Amt Ranch Riding

Amt Select Ranch Riding

Nov Amt Ranch Riding

Ranch Riding

Wednesday, July 17

Color All Ages

Yearling Geldings

2YO Geldings

3YO Geldings

Aged Geldings

Performance Halter Geldings

Premier Halter Geldings

PB Geldings All Ages

Amt Select Western Horsemanship

Amt PB Western Horsemanship

Amt Western Horsemanship

Amt Walk Trot Western Horsemanship

Nov Amt Western Horsemanship

PB Western Pleasure

Amt Western Pleasure

Amt Walk Trot Western Pleasure

Senior Western Pleasure

Ranch Rail Pleasure

Amt Ranch Rail Pleasure

Reining All Ages

NRHA Open Reining

Amt Reining

NRHA Non Pro Reining

PHBA_NSBA Non-Pro Western Pleasure Stakes

Tuesday, July 16

Amt Color

Yellow Rose Futurity Yearling Mares

Yellow Rose Futurity Yearling Geldings

Yellow Rose Futurity Yearling Stallions

Yellow Rose Futurity Champion of Champions Yearling

Yellow Rose Futurity 2 YO Mares

Yellow Rose Futurity 2 YO Stallions

Yellow Rose Futurity Champion of Champions 2 YO

Amt Yearling Geldings

Amt 2YO Geldings

Amt 3YO Geldings

Amt Aged Geldings

Amt Performance Halter Geldings

Premier Amt Gelding

Amt PB Geldings

PHBA_NSBA 3 YO Western Pleasure

Nov Amt Hunter Under Saddle

PHBA_NSBA All Age Hunter Under Saddle

Junior Road Hack

PB Hunter Under Saddle

PB_NSBA Yearling Longe Line

Senior Hunter Under Saddle

Amt Hunt Seat Equitation

Nov Amt Hunt Seat Equitation

Amt PB Hunt Seat Equitation

Amt Road Hack

Amt Select Road Hack

Monday, July 15

Pleasure Driving

Amt Pleasure Driving

Weanling Stallions

Yearling Stallions

2YO Stallions

3YO Stallions

Aged Stallions

Performance Halter Stallions

Premier Halter Stallions

PB Stallions All Ages

Hunter In Hand

Amt Hunter In Hand

PHBA_NSBA 2 YO Western Pleasure

PB Amt Hunter Under Saddle

Amt Select Hunter Under Saddle

Amt Walk Trot Hunter Under Saddle

Junior Hunter Under Saddle

Amt Select Hunt Seat Equitation

Amt Walk Trot Hunt Seat Equitation

Amt Hunter Under Saddle

Senior Road Hack

CHP Unassisted WT Trail

CHP Unassisted Trail

CHP Unassisted WT Western

CHP Unassisted Western

CHP Unassisted WT Horsemanship

CHP Unassisted Western Horsemanship

Sunday, July 14

Amt Weanling Stallions

Amt Yearling Stallions

Amt 2YO Stallions

Amt 3 YO Stallions

Amt Aged Stallions

Premier Amt Stallions

Amt PB Stallions

Junior Trail

Senior Trail

Amt Trail

Amt Walk Trot Trail

Nov Amt Trail

Amt Select Trail

CHP Unassisted WT Showmanship

CHP Unassisted Showmanship

CHP Unassisted WT Hunt Seat Equitation

CHP Unassisted Hunt Seat Equitation

CHP Unassisted WT Hunter Under Saddle

CHP Unassisted Hunter Under Saddle


Thursday, July 11

Yth Color

Yellow Rose Futurity All Age Mares

Yth Performance Halter Mares

Yth PB Mares

Yth Aged Mares

Yth 3YO Mares

Yth 2YO Mares

Yth Yearling Mares

Yellow Rose Futurity All Age Geldings

Yth Performance Halter Geldings

Yth PB Geldings

Yth Aged Geldings

Yth 2YO Geldings

Yth Yearling Geldings


Yth Walk Trot Showmanship 10-18

Yth Showmanship 14-18

Yth PB Showmanship 18 & U

Yth Showmanship 13 & U

Novice Yth Showmanship

Yth Walk Trot Western Pleasure 5-9

Yth Walk Trot Western Pleasure 10-18

Yth Western Pleasure 14-18

Yth PB Western Pleasure 18 & U

Yth Western Pleasure 13 & U

Novice Yth Western Pleasure

Friday, July 12

Yth Walk Trot Trail 10-18

Yth Trail 14-18

Yth PB Trail 18 & U

Yth Trail 13 & U

Novice Yth Trail

Yth Walk Trot Horsemanship 10-18

Yth Western Horsemanship 14-18

Yth PB Western Horsemanship 18 & U

Yth Western Horsemanship 13 & U

Yth Novice Western Horsemanship

Yth Western Riding 18 & U

Yth Ranch Horse 18 & U

Yth Reining 18 & U

Yth Ranch Rail Pleasure 18 & U

Yth Ranch Riding 18 & U

Yth Novice Ranch Riding

Saturday, July 13

Yth Hunter In Hand 18 & U

Yth Walk Trot Hunter Under Saddle 10-18

Yth Hunter Under Saddle 14-18

Yth PB Hunter Under Saddle 18 & U

Yth Hunter Under Saddle 13 & U

Yth Novice Hunter Under Saddle

Yth Walk Trot Hunt Seat Equitation 10-18

Yth Hunt Seat Equitation 14-18

Yth PB Hunt Seat Equitation 18 & U

Yth Hunt Seat Equitation 13 & U

Yth Novice Hunt Seat Equitation

Yth Road Hack 14-18

Yth Road Hack 13 & U

Yth Flag Race 14-18

Yth Barrels 13 & U

Yth Barrels 14-18

Yth PB Barrels

Yth Poles 13 & U

Yth Poles 14-18

Yth Stakes 13 & U

Yth Stakes 14-18