2023-2024 Youth Board Applications – Due 6/12/2023

The Youth Board of National Directors shall elect at their annual meeting from the PHBA Youth National Directors the following officers: President-Elect, two (2) Vice-Presidents, a Secretary, Treasurer and Reporter. Additionally, the President will appoint three (3) members. Each appointee must be from a different state and APA.

Candidates Requirements. Candidates must meet the following requirements:


      1. Two (2) members per APA or APA-Y may serve as a youth officer;

      1. President, President-Elect, Vice-Presidents and Secretary must be from the 14-18 age group;

      1. The President-Elect must have served on the PHBA-Y Executive Board the year immediately preceding election to office;

      1. The presidency shall not be held more than two consecutive years by the same APA or APA-Y;

      1. National Youth Directors may serve no more than one (1) year as President;

      1. The Treasurer and Reporter may be from either age group;

      1. Candidates should be duly qualified to fill the duties of the respective office as prescribed elsewhere in these By-Laws;

      1. All members of the Executive Board, are required to be national directors, alternate national directors will not suffice.

    The National Youth Meeting will be held in Springfield, IL.

    Any youth national director interested in a position on the board must return completed application by June 12, 2023 to: PHBA Youth Officer Application, Attention:  Terri Green, 15253 E Skelly Dr, Tulsa, OK 74116-2637 or via email to:  tgreen@palominohba.com, PHBA Youth Officer Application in the subject line.

    2023 Youth Board Application must be received by 6/12/2023 in order to be considered.