New Ad Hoc Committee – Palomino Bred

In an effort to expand the registration and exhibiting of the Palomino Bred (PB), PHBA has implemented an ad hoc committee. The committee is to be chaired by Shelley Rystrom of Nebraska ( and co-chaired by Pat Brown of Alabama ( Members that wish to serve on this committee are encouraged to contact the PHBA Office.

The ad hoc Palomino Bred Committee


1. The committee will focus on reaching out to Palomino Bred eligible horses, encouraging registration and new memberships.

2. The committee will assist APA’s in ways to advertise PB classes without overloading their already full showbills.

3. The committee will assist breeders in making sure the PB foals (and Palominos) are registered and that new owners understand the opportunity of owning and showing a PB horse.

4. With the growing of PB registrations, the committee’s focus will be on finding ways to attract the PBs into the PHBA show arenas.