Because the PHBA convention was cancelled in March of 2020 the directors could not vote on new rule changes so there will not be a new rule book for 2021. You will continue to use your 2020 rule book thru 2021. However, the PHBA executive board did vote to adopt the AQHA rules regarding safety lead and lip cords in halter and color classes, effective January 1, 2021.

The online version of the rulebook contains the most-updated version of the rules. Differences between rules published on PHBA’s website and the print rulebook shall be governed by the official rules published on the website.

2021 Halter/Color Equipment Rules

2021 Longe Line Rules  Adopted effective immediately by the PHBA National Directors and Executive Board.


2020 Handbook

Did you know that the PHBA Official Handbook can be viewed through iBooks as an eBook for your iPad or iPhone? Just download the PDF, and then select “Open in iBooks”.