Palomino Horse Breeders Heritage Foundation Update as of April 18, 2012

April 3rd through the 7th, found members of the Heritage Foundation Board remodeling the space that they will be using for the museum area. Floyd and Lynn Branson (now of Oklahoma), Les and Ginny Baskerville, Helen Flemming, Carolyn Henderson and Alda Buresh along with PHBA EB member, Bill Miller ,put in some long, hard working hours during these four days. Walls are up, doors in, wall display shelf space cut out, updating of Hall of Fame plaques in progress and plans made for another set of work days in May. These will be just before the EB meets, the week of May 6th. This set of work days will be scheduled to end on Saturday morning, so that those needing to get home for Mother’s Day festivities are able get there in plenty of time. We welcome help, so if you can spare a couple of days or hours, we can use you. Again, we want to thank the PHBA office staff for putting up with us . The Heritage Foundation welcomes Ginny Baskerville to the board.

The Foundation Board is very pleased to announce that Micky Pearch, FL has donated one of the inaugural amateur trophy saddles. These type of PHBA milestone items are what we need , so if you have something you believe is historical to PHBA, please contact us. The Acquisitions Committee consists of Carolyn Henderson, Lynn Branson , Ginny Baskerville and Helen Fleming.

As we go through some of our paper items such as old registration papers, photographs and correspondence, it brings home the undisputable fact that this kind of material must be protected and preserved. We continue to need your financial support. If you have already given, please consider making an additional donation. As has been stated before, no expense money to the board or anyone helping is provided. This board and those helping are paying their own expenses and are glad to do so to preserve the history of PHBA and the horses and people so important to this association.

Please feel free to contact any of us for further information, a donation/pledge card, or just to talk about what we are doing. Plans are to have the museum space open up during the 2013 Convention in Tulsa during May.

Take care, stay safe.
Alda Buresh, President PHBHF