PHBA Eliminates Ranch Riding Rule 3617 – Effective Immediately

PHBA Executive Board voted to eliminate Ranch Riding Rule #3617 from the official handbook effective immediately based on recommendation from the Show Rules Committee. The elimination of this rule will allow horses to be shown in both Ranch Riding and Western Pleasure.

Previously Ranch Riding Rule 3617 was as follows: “A horse may not cross enter within a program (Open, Amateur, Youth and walk/Trot) at the same show, but may cross enter between programs (i.e. a horse that shows in Youth Western Pleasure can show in Open Ranch Riding)”. This rule in its entirety has been eliminated.

 The on-line version of the PHBA Official handbook has been updated.

The online version of the rulebook contains the most-updated version of the rules. Differences between rules published on PHBA’s website and the print rulebook shall be governed by the official rules published on the website.