PHBHF April 2016 Update

The Palomino Horse Breeders Heritage Foundation is happy to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the Palomino Horse Breeders of America.  During March, at the PHBA Convention, the 75th Anniversary Publication of PHBA’s history was unveiled and distributed to the attendees along with a bag full of big and little gifts from various organizations as well as breeders, training stables and other equine related enterprises.  The Foundation is thankful to all the advertisers in the 75th Anniversary publication as well as all of those who donated and/or purchased items at the PHBA Benefit Auction evening.  Without this support, the Foundation could not have undertaken all of these endeavors.

The Foundation also sponsored the third annual Heritage Night and dinner.  This year’s Hall of Fame inductees were recognized and the evening was capped off by dancing and listening to the music of Cliff Shelder.  The Foundation also co-sponsored, with PHBA, the cocktail hour before the Saturday evening’s Awards’ Banquet.  Recognized again were the 1975 Hall of Fame inductees, Bonnie Beaver, DVM and Ed North.  Horses inducted in the Hall of Fame were the famed Olympic champion, Nautical, and the legendary AQHA/PHBA stallion, Mr. Yella Fella.  Attendees  were honored to have Debbie Jones speak of her mother’s early training days of Nautical and Gary and Linda Gordon who owned Mr. Yella Fella.

PHBHF is grateful to PHBA for giving the Foundation the opportunity to obtain the large Palomino horse which stood atop the PHBA headquarters building.  This horse will become a part of the museum’s exhibits.  Thank you, Thomas and Mimsi Coon and Darrell Bilke, for your generosity in helping with this historical addition.  Darrell Bilke also was able to obtain a vintage Spanish Fiesta dress and mantilla for the museum; another part of PHBA’s history the Foundation is happy to preserve and exhibit. Thank you, for remembering our wish list, Darrell.

A new and exciting venture is the development of the official PHBHF Website.  It is hoped to have this up within the next few months.  There will be much history and information carried on this website.  It is an understatement to say that the entire board is eager to have it up and going as soon as possible.

The Board wishes Mimsi Coon nothing but the best as she steps off the Foundation Board and becomes a part of the PHBA Executive Board.  She has done so much during her year on the Foundation to help with minor and major projects, one of which was being project manager for the PHBA’s 75th Anniversary Publication which took up countless hours of time, effort and resources.

The next work days for the Foundation will be April 27th and 28th; new exhibits will be put in place for the summer and to help celebrate PHBA’s 75th Anniversary.  If you are in the Tulsa area, they will be worth a stop.