2012 Recreational Riding Results

Name Horse Award Level
Amick, Linda The Blonde Renegade 1,430.35 hours
Boyd, DeAnna C Ya Later Brandee 1,039 hours
Boyd, DeAnna Ima Connors Cowgirl 951 hours
Boyd, DeAnna Shiloh's Triple Shot 431 hours
Brendal, Matthew Impressively West 547 hours
Coppinger, Autumn B Skippin Thru Honey Patch
Dunavant, Richard Blondie's Treasure 113.5 hours
Dunavant, Richard Blondy's Silver Lady 110.6 hours
Dunavant, Richard Pride's Gold Plus E Patch
Feagins, Lisa "Cookie" Poco Sonny Dry 368 hours
Heindorf, Nancy Quincys Cool Man Patch
Hodges, Erich Just Good N Easy 80.5 hours
Hodges, Margot Chibles And Bits 119.0 hours
Husky, Stephanie Big Toy 935.5 hours
Lachapella, Linda Cowboys Sugaree Bar 107.5 hours
Leckron, Joyce JC Watch Jo Skippa Patch
Leckron, Joyce Hot Tin Lizzy Patch
Lewis, Oletta Sevilla Reed Patch
Linker, Velvet Williams Impress Me Colt 25 154 hours
Porrino, Marion MWS Zippin By Indy 1,539 hours
Swainbank, Jeremy Tabus Heart Throb 183.5 hours