Palomino Incentive Program

This program is designed for all Palomino and Palomino Bred horses to be eligible for PIP nomination and payout in Open and Amateur divisions. Whether you are a mare owner, stallion owner, or a show or racing competitor, this program can increase your horse’s value by paying yearly cash dividends to you. The Palomino Incentive Program pays money back to the owner, nominator of the foal and the stallion owner.  The foals of nominated stallions that are nominated to the Palomino Incentive Program remain nominated for life. This program is offered as an additional reward for participation.


  • Promote stallions and breeders
  • Increase value of foal
  • Incentive to mare owners
  • Increases show participation
  • Helps pay for show career of foal
  • Money back to owner, nominator and stallion owner
  • The stallion subscriber, foal nominator, and horse owner all share in the profit.
  • Direct cash return to nominated foal owners for points earned.
  • Increase value of individual stallions.
  • Offers the foal owner an additional value system beyond earning halter and performance points.
  • Provides foal owners a cash incentive to show their foals.
  • 70% of monies paid out by the Palomino Incentive Program will go to owners of nominated foal.
  • Stallion subscriber payback—20%
  • Foal nominator receives 10% of money
  • The one-time PIP nomination fee enrolls the foal for his/her entire show career.

The Palomino Incentive Program is an incentive program with monetary rewards offered by PHBA for all stallion owners and the resulting Palomino and Palomino Bred foals registered with PHBA.  All participants in the Palomino Incentive Program must be current PHBA members in good standing.

The fees collected for the subscription of stallions to the program and the fees collected for nomination of their foals comprise the Palomino Incentive Program.  All funds are maintained in a separate account and are subsequently distributed back in direct proportion to PHBA sanctioned points earned by the foals.  All nominated money paid in each year will be paid back to stallion owners, nominator of foal, and owners that same year.

Information for Stallion Owners

Annual Stallion Nomination Fee must be postmarked on or before December 31st prior to the breeding season for the fee of $200.00. January 1st through and after the breeding season the fee will be $300.00.

Information for Foal Owners

This program is designed to begin with a nominated horse’s yearling show year. Any points earned by weanlings nominated to the Palomino Incentive Program are not eligible for Palomino Incentive Program monies. All points earned before nomination date will not be eligible for Palomino Incentive Program monies.

Foals nominated will be verified by a Palomino Incentive Program logo on their registration certificate.  All nominated palomino stallion owners will receive the Incentive Program logo to use for advertisement. 

A foal nomination becomes effective when the nomination form, the appropriate fee, and the original registration certificate are received in the PHBA office.

A foal nomination fee is not refundable.  Palomino and Palomino Bred foals sired by stallions subscribed to the Palomino Incentive Program for the breeding year in which the foal was conceived are eligible to be nominated to the program.  These foals must be nominated and the appropriate fees paid before they are eligible to participate.

The owner or lessee of record may nominate a foal to the Palomino Incentive Program.  If a foal is sold or leased the moneys will be paid out to the new owner according to the day of transfer of ownership.

Foal Owners Nomination Fees: for Weanlings is $100.00; Yearlings is $200.00; Two year olds is $300.00; Three year olds is $400.00; Four and older is $600.00

Information For Mare Owners

By breeding your mare to a Palomino Incentive Program stallion, you give your future Palomino or Palomino Bred foal a marketable edge over many non- participants.  A foal that is nominated for Palomino Incentive Program earnings is a more attractive purchase for buyers who intend to show their new horse in PHBA competition, because they have an added opportunity to receive monetary rewards.

In addition, if your mare is bred to a Palomino Incentive Program stallion and you nominate and register the resulting foal you will earn mare owner incentive fund money as points are earned.

Even if you choose to sell the foal, you remain as its Palomino Incentive Program nominator and receive ten (10 %) percent of the foal’s Program earnings for life.

A mare or foal owner can nominate a stallion whose stallion owner did not nominate their stallion. Details of the Waiver: When a stallion owner waives the right to nominate a stallion for a designated foaling year, the stallion may be nominated by another party (typically the owner of an offspring in order to make it eligible for enrollment). The stallion nominator, the party who pays the nomination fee, will receive 20% of Palomino Incentive Program earnings from all offspring foaled in the nominated year.  The stallion owner hereby waives any rights to the 20% of Palomino Incentive Program earnings for that foaling year.

Payout Specifics Include

The exact amount of money to be distributed will be determined by PHBA, based on the total money available in the Palomino Incentive Program for that year, divided by the number of points earned by Palomino Incentive Program nominated horses during that year. Of the payout, 10% will go to the foal nominator, 20% to the stallion owner, and 70% to the foal owner. All money from nominations will be paid out the same year of the nomination.  Retention of 7% will be held out for future payout starting 2014.

Calculation of winnings is based on official PHBA show records as of January 31 following the completion of the show year in which the points were earned. Subsequent correction of show results for any reason shall not affect calculations of winnings.

Points in the Youth Programs, Novice Amateur, Amateur Walk/Trot, and Amateur Select are not included in the tabulations because the divisions are limiting to the age and/or experience of the rider.

PIP Board of Directors

This Board will keep the history of the program complete and track the current year nominations and points.  The Board will consist of members from the Computer, Finance, Show Rules, Registration, Transfer/Breeders, and a member at large as a stallion owner/exhibitor.  The Executive Board member will chair this board and appoint the member at large.  Each Committee will vote for their position as director on the Board.

Palomino Incentive Program Regulations

  • Nomination fees must be received in U.S. funds.
  • Payment is due at the time of nomination and must accompany the form.
  • A separate check must be used payable to Palomino Incentive Program.
  • All enrollment fees must be postmarked by the deadlines stated.  No postal meters will be accepted.
  • Any financial audit or review by a certified public accountant of the PIP accounts and transaction will be conducted in compliance with the PHBA Bylaws & Constitution.
  • An annual review of the statistics and performance of the program will be done by the PIP Board of Directors.  The recommendations of that committee will be forwarded to the PHBA Executive Board for action.
  • PHBA reserves the right to alter the conditions of all or part of the PIP as it, in its sole discretion, determines to ensure fairness and equality to all participants.  Further, at its sole discretion, PHBA may cancel the program at any time and refund money if it deems participation is insufficient to justify the program.
  • All earnings and/or nominations are subject to U S Internal Revenue Service and/or Oklahoma Tax Commission rules and regulations pertaining to withholding of tax and the appropriate reporting. 
  • PIP monies payable to a person/entity suspended from membership or show privileges with PHBA will be withheld for the term of the suspension; or funds may be used to pay a participant’s delinquent account with PHBA.  If suspension continues longer than two (2) years from the date the funds are awarded, such funds will be forfeited and put back into the fund.
  • An entrant is ineligible to participate in the PIP where prohibited by law because of legal residence, sites of approved even, or any other basis, and all or  the prohibited portion of the earned points or purse money shall be disregarded in calculations for an earned portion of the PIP.

All disputes arising out of the application or interpretation of any rules or conditions of the PIP will be decided by PHBA.