Transfer Rules

700. Membership Requirements:

A. The new horse owner or owners (buyers) must have a current membership(s) in PHBA before they transfer a horse.

B. The new horse owner or owners (buyers) must have a membership in the exact name, or partnership name, or corporation, or ranch as it is to appear on the PHBA registration certificate in order for the horse to be transferred.

C. If the name of the new owner or owners (buyers) is not the same as that recorded on the recognized breed association’s registration certificate, PHBA may require the new owner or owners to provide satisfactory proof of ownership.

D. The horse owner can pay a non member fee instead of a membership.

E. Refer to Rule(s) 1-12.

701. Record of Transfer. A record of all changes in ownership of registered horses shall be made.  It shall be the duty of the seller of any horse to forward promptly the transfer application and original certificate of registration, along with the proper fees, directly to PHBA.

A. Skipped transfer is any transfer that has not been reported to PHBA prior to the current owner of the horse submitting their transfer. The skipped transfer fees are based on the date of sale.

702. Payment of the required fees shall be a matter of private negotiations between the buyer and seller and may be paid by either party, but such fees and appropriate membership fees must be received prior to the completion of the transfer.

703. Transfer Application. The transfer application shall be filled out in its entirety before it is acceptable.

704. Date of Sale. The date of sale as given on the transfer shall be the date the buyer contracted for, or entered into agreement with the seller, for the purchase of the horse.

705. Photocopy of recognized breed association certificate. PHBA may request a photocopy of the front and back of the recognized breed association registration certificate reflecting ownership as applied for on the PHBA transfer application.  This document may be submitted at a later time, however, it may be required before transfer application is considered complete.

A. The Amateur, Novice-Amateur, Amateur Select owner(s) of the horse on the PHBA registration certificate must be the same as the owners recorded on the recognized breed association registration certificate or the list of family found in Rule(s) 5205.

706. Signature Authorization see Rule(s) 565A-E.

707. Alterations or Misrepresentation. The seller, who knowingly signs a transfer that has been altered, does not represent a true transaction, or which contains any material misrepresentation, may be subject to disciplinary procedures.

708. Cooperation. PHBA expressly reserves the right to order any of, but not limited to, the following: inspection, photographs, documents, specimen, veterinarian statements of spaying or gelding substance, or methods through genetic testing via PHBA recognized laboratories of any horse currently registered by the Association or any horse making application for registration to the Association to ensure conformance with the rules and regulations as set forth in the Official Rule Book of the Palomino Horse Breeders of America. Documents and photographs are property of PHBA.


714. Cancellation. In case a transfer is requested to be cancelled, the original application, original certificate of registration and supporting documentation will become the property of PHBA. The fees are non refundable.


720. Leases. For the lease of a horse to be recognized by PHBA, written notice shall be filed and the appropriate fee shall accompany the form.  The notice shall provide the effective date, termination date, and shall be signed by the lessor and lessee.  A properly completed transfer of ownership would automatically terminate the lease.

721. Amateur Program ownership.  See Rule(s) 5205.