Amateur Presidents Message

PHBA Amateur President 2014-2015

Lynn Rohwedder

MARCH, 2015


Happy March everyone!  March, the month famous for coming in like a lion, out like a lamb.  The month when  time springs forward.  And the month of the PHBA National Convention!!

This is my final letter as President of the Amateur Executive Board.  Amanda Viator, our President Elect, will take over as President at the convention.  It has been a year I will never forget.  I want to thank all of the board members serving with me.  They have worked hard for you and I think we have accomplished a lot this past year.  Members of  the PHBA Amateur Association are in very good hands.  You couldn’t ask for a more enthusiastic, dedicated group of people to serve on your Amateur Executive Board.  Good luck Amanda!

Fundraising is a big part of our activities as a board.  We have to have funds to put on the ice cream socials and breakfasts of coffee and donuts at the World Show.  We also need funds to buy the awards for the Amateur Team Tournament at the World Show.  And we want to do more!!  So, I am excited to announce that we have launched a huge fundraising project so that we can provide more for our hardworking members.  We have come up with a cookbook that will be presold at the convention.  If you are not at convention, our Executive Board members will be selling them all throughout the year, so contact one of us for information.

I hope to see many of you in Tulsa in less than a week!

Take good care,

Lynn Rohwedder, President

PHBA Amateur Executive Board