Amateur Presidents Message

I’m Helen Fleming-Bryson from Tupelo, MS, and I’m looking forward to being your 2023-2024 Amateur President. Our new amateur executive board is excited that we had one of our best fundraising auctions at our 2023 PHBA Annual Conventions. These funds, as well as our other fundraisers, will help finance our yearend awards, our annual amateur ice cream social, and other amateur functions throughout the year.

This year your amateur board is bringing a fun, new twist on the traditional showmanship class the 2023 PHBA World Show in Springfield, IL. This PHBA showmanship class is a costume class with the twist of being your character that is based on a western television or movie character. It is open to all PHBA  youth, amateur, and open exhibitors. You can even use the same horse if needed. This showmanship fundraiser will increase participation and offer a chance to possibly earn some of the added money through payback. Check out the rules and see how you can be a part. We are looking forward to seeing everyone’s creativity and individuality come to life in July!

I am hoping that we, as amateurs, will get behind our existing PHBA Recreational Riding program. It offers an excellent opportunity to engage our existing PHBA amateurs as well as draw former and new members to PHBA and our wonderful organization. As a participant, your hours astride or driving whether in an arena, a pasture or on trails all count toward your award. This year is another chance to win a belt buckle. The buckle will be given to the individual and horse earning the most hours. To further support this goal, the amateurs hope to have some St. Jude Children’s Hospital trail rides.

As an amateur organization, we are so lucky to have so many divisions to compete where we feel our best showing fit would be. We can compete in Novice Amateur, Amateur, Walk/Trot Amateur, or Select with PHBA horses and PB horses. Sometimes an amateur can even choose to compete in more than one category. Remember, PHBA Amateurs may be able to compete in some Novice classes as a Credentialed Novice. Be sure and check out the program and see if you are eligible to compete in some Novice classes at the world show.

Our palomino family and the love of the golden horse is what brings and keeps us together.  As your Amateur president, I hope we will support and cheer one another on this year in the palomino family spirit at our PHBA World Show and at the APA shows. Both are a great chance to renew friendships and make new ones.

Please feel free to approach any of YOUR board members this year with your ideas and input. Our goal is to having the largest participation year ever for amateurs. Your support of the PHBA World Show and state or APA shows is what will make it happen. On a personal note, I look forward to visiting with you all.


PHBA Amateur President Helen Fleming-Bryson