Amateur Presidents Message

Diane Kutz, PHBA-A President 2021-2022

Dear Amateurs


I and the entire Amateur Board want to take a moment and wish you the most joyous of holidays.  This past year has been both a challenge and a delight.  We have unfortunately also had valuable members pass on which loss will long be felt by many of us.  But this time of year we should remember the good, recognize our accomplishments and build on those as well as identify areas where we can continue to make the association everything it can be.

Our Accomplishments:

Although we have accomplished a great deal, I want to highlight three in particular.

Financial:  The Amateurs have worked very hard this year and I am more than pleased to announce that the amateurs financial contributions this year will have the amateurs paying all of their own costs.  That means that together we amateurs have contributed not only through our voices and participation in events such as the world show and convention, but also financially.  I want to thank each and every member that helped make our fundraisers successful.  The monies from these fundraisers pay for the amateur awards and other amateur costs.  By pulling our own weight we help build a financially sound association.

Communication:  We have worked together with the Association’s Executive Board to come up with ideas to grow, to hold these fundraisers and how we reach out to our members to get involved. The work and communication between the Amateur Board and the Executive Board has been terrific and rewarding.

World show:  We, as your Board, worked very hard on having a notable presence at the world show and making the experience more enjoyable for all the Amateurs by having additional prizes provided for the majority of amateur classes.  In addition we were able to garner a financial donation to pay for the amateur ranch high point buckles to celebrate the amateur association anniversary.

Looking Forward to 2022

As Amateurs, I challenge each and everyone of you to reach out to those people who own palominos and get them to become members and participate in our association.  Our strength in this association comes from the strength of our membership.  This is a wonderful association that cares about its members and is based on welcoming all that want to participate.  That personal touch by each of you to those potential new members and those that may have let their membership lapse is the best marketing tool we have.  As a board, I challenged each of the Amateur Board members to bring one new member to the association and that has been very well received.  Continued growth of membership and registrations is truly the bread and butter of the association as is your participation in PHBA events

Thanks to the hard work and joint efforts of your Executive Board and your Amateur Board, 2022 is setting up to be the best year yet.  Let ‘s all move forward to together as one to grow our association.

Thank you to each and everyone of you that has continued as a member, has participated in the association regardless of the level of participation and lets continue those efforts.  I personally and on behalf of the Amateur Board want to wish each and everyone of you a truly wonderful holiday.

Your Amateur President,

Diane Kutz