Amateur Presidents Message

Shelley Rystrom, PHBA-A President 2022-2023

It’s January and for most of us that means cold, snow, mud, and frustratingly short days – the entire month feels like a Monday! There are a few days sprinkled in, however, like today in Nebraska, where the sun is shining and warm on your face, the horses are napping in the pasture and we are reminded, the hard work we are putting in now will pay off this summer as we enter show and futurity season.

January is a great time to take advantage of PHBA’s registration special! You can find the registration rules and forms here: – It’s only $60 for yearlings and $80 for 2 yr olds and up for a limited time! Membership rules apply and if you need to renew or become a member, that form it can be found here:

January is also a great time to renew your memberships to be certain you will have all of your paperwork in order as the first shows of the year approach.

This year is the 40th Anniversary of the Palomino World Show and the Amateur Executive Board has been working on some exciting and fun activities for all of our members! While we are still working out the details, we do wish to entice everyone with the idea of an open showmanship event that may include costumes and celebrity judges! Mums the word, but we promise you won’t want to miss this opportunity to show off your creativity, skill in the showpen and the spectators are guaranteed to have a great time!  Look for an upcoming announcement with more information.

If you’ve never attended the Palomino World Show or it’s been awhile, I cannot encourage you strongly enough to come to Springfield and show with us! The Palomino World is an incredibly fun World Show with family activities, classes for everyone, a Street Party and hamburger feed, added money and incredible people and horses! You can find dates and more info here:

And lastly, the Palomino National Convention will be here before we know it! You can find registration info, schedules and hotel information here:  The PHBA National Convention is central to the governance and survival of PHBA. Rule change proposals are discussed and voted on during this time, strategic planning is done and it is a great place to learn how associations function and meet people passionate about the horse show industry and growth of our Golden Family.

The future is Golden,

Shelley Rystrom