Amateur Presidents Message

Happy New Year!  It is a new year, new goals, and a new convention site.

Maybe Santa Claus heard you wanted a new horse for Christmas.  That’s a good way to start the new year and new dreams.  Possibly a new outfit or new trainer; bumping up to a new division, a youth entering the ranks of amateur, all good reasons to be excited for the beginning of a new chapter and experiences.  Check out the rule book to find what amateur divisions you may qualify for this year; from Novice, or the Novice Amateur letter, to amateur and select, or there’s walk trot to consider.  Or call the office and the girls will assist you with any questions, 918-438-1234.  Tell them I sent you.

Convention is coming up.  For those who have not been to convention, let me see if I can describe what goes on.  It’s like high school.  It’s a 2-day school week.  You start on Thursday morning with an assembly with the principle and office staff welcoming you to school.  You go to class, in this case it’s committee meetings.  You listen and discuss the current events and rule changes.  Then the committee members vote on the rule changes.  You move on to your next class while seeing friends in the hall way going to and from class.

You don’t need a hall pass if you’re late for class.  You can loiter in the hall way without a pass.  You can skip class and the teacher will not send you to detention.  You may however be volunteered for a sub committee without your knowledge.  You won’t get detention hanging out in the bathroom with the popular or cool kids either.

You break for lunch.  Visit and hangout some more with your friends, find out the latest gossip; who’s going with who; or who’s chemistry experiment blew up, or how the debate team did in show rules.  When lunch time is over, you head back to your next class.  You do this for Thursday and Friday.

Friday night, school week is over, the weekend has started and time to borrow dad’s car to party and hang out.  You cruise up and down main street 4 or 5 times (ride up and down the elevators) or go to the drive-in movie hiding kids in the trunk to get in free.  (I know nothing about this, only what I have heard.)  You go to dinner with your class mates to the Hall of Fame Inductions and The Benefit Auction.  You are wined and dined with a nice meal and provided with free entertainment with the induction of the Hall of Fame Inductees, courtesy of the Heritage Foundation.  Then entertainment is handed over to the Benefit Auction troop while raising money for the different functions within the association.

Saturday morning you do NOT get to sleep in.  You have the general membership meeting to attend.  Here the teachers/committee chairs inform you what happened in their class the past 2 days and you vote yes or no to what they have talked about.  This meeting tries to be over around lunch time, but bring munchies.  The afternoon is free time until the Prom that night, the Year End Awards.  You receive another nice meal, hear from the principal again and other school counselors.  The king or queen and their court are introduced, the new amateur and executive board members.  To finish the evening the year end awards are handed out.  Last of all the king and queen of the prom are announced as the high point saddles are presented to their new owners.  Don’t forget to have your prom pictures taken with your awards, King or Queen, or favorite class mates.

Please come and be part of the alumni.  We do have a good time.  I am personally inviting you to please join us.

We are experiencing a new convention site in March, and new facility for our World Show in July, Springfield, Ill.  Everyone I have talked with is very excited.  I’m excited!  A trip to the show grounds is planned for those attending the convention.  I have my flight already booked and hotel room reserved at the PHBA special rate.  The hotel is President Abraham Lincoln Springfield Doubletree and the cutoff date for the room special fee is Feb. 24.  All this information can be found on the PHBA web site.  Also, the Convention schedule is listed, along with the fill in registration form for the convention.  First registration deadline Jan. 20.  Please come, even if you only come for the activities on Sat. for the general meeting and the Year End Awards Banquet that night.  I promise an enjoyable time with your palomino family.

I have looked at the new rule proposals (they are posted on the web site) and the amateurs have a number of proposals to go over.  Here’s where you can make a difference and have input.  Come and be heard.  At your next APA meeting or show, discuss the rule changes and let your national directors know how you feel.


Marleen Cowie

Amateur President

[email protected]