Amateur Presidents Message

Shorter days and cooler temperatures….

Mother Nature is reminding us another season is on its way with shorter days, the changing color of leaves and cooler temperatures.  Show season is also slowly winding down for some of us.  For those attempting high points or final points to finish your goals for the year, you are still hauling.  Check out what shows are left on the palomino web site and enjoy the warmer weather the south has to offer.

One of my goals as president, was to meet and greet everyone at the World show with a smile and to welcome you with hospitality.  Handing out awards and meeting everyone in the pen was a privilege.  After a successful tour in MS, I choose to do it again at the NY State Fair show in August.  My resume has been enhanced with “can hand out awards and ribbons with a smile”.

At this year’s world show, the number of horses and entries were up.  Our amateur team tournament set a record high for a number of 9 teams.  At the ice cream social you polished off 12 gallons of ice cream.  We unveiled the Amateurs 2 retractable banners show casing our amateur programs with our ambassador Terry Bradshaw representing one of our programs.  They will be on display at the QH Congress.

I’ve had the opportunity to visit with a few judges along the way this year.   One of their suggestions stuck out in my conversations.  READ YOUR RULE BOOK.  Learn the do’ s and don’ts of your classes.  Learn the plus and minus maneuvers for your trail and pattern classes.  You may have a better understanding of why judges place classes the way they do.

If you are at a show and aren’t showing for whatever reason, volunteer your time at shows, registered or local open shows.   Give show management a helping hand, offer to hand out awards, run judges’ cards to the announcer or to the show secretary, deliver food or water for the staff or judges, work the gate, numerous little jobs you can assist with.  Or make a donation or sponsor a class.  You become aware of the behind the scenes of what it takes to run a show.  Before you complain, have you volunteered yet?

Time to think ahead.  The holidays are right around the corner, so is that 4 letter word that begins with an “S” and falls from the sky, brrr.  Time for the Charlie Brown Holiday Specials to start.  I’m still a kid at heart and have my grandkids hooked on Charlie Brown.  Traditions and making memories, make for the best holidays with family and friends.  All of you have made a lasting memory within me.  Thank you for that special gift.

I’ll be in touch, but until then, Happy Great Pumpkin CB, Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year,

Marleen Cowie

Amateur President

[email protected]