Amateur Presidents Message

PHBA Amateur President 2018-19

Sandy Bendele

August 2018

Greetings PHBA Amateurs Members

It is a midway point in the Amateur Board year and therefore it is time to take a moment and reflect on the last six months particularly in light of the completion of our 2018 Palomino World Show.  Our amateurs were well represented across all divisions at the world show.   For those that attended, participated or watched on line, we hope you enjoyed yourself.  The world show, like the convention provides a great opportunity to meet one another, support one another and share ideas.

Your Board was very busy at this year’s world show.  We hope you enjoyed our extra efforts to make it a great show.  Many thanks to our Donut Sponsors – Alda Buresh, Howard Rea & Trouw Nutrition.  A new sponsor this year was Bonnie Miller and her $100 coupon towards custom made Chinks.  How great to show special recognition to the growing Ranch Riding division.

The Board worked hard as a team to offer the world show attendees special treats in the hope that they would truly enjoy the world show, attend again and encourage other amateurs to attend.  Those special treats included donut mornings, snow cones and an ice cream social.

The famous donuts from the Blue and White Restaurant were fresh and hot and provided to attendees at the world on Monday and Friday morning.   What a wonderful way to start the day with these offerings delivered by Vickie Parker, president of the Executive Board and one of our great amateur members Dr. Richard Bercher accompanied as well by our Amateur Board members.

On Wednesday we had an ice cream social that was sponsored by InStride Edition, the association’s new magazine publisher.  This provided another great opportunity to visit with fellow exhibitors on a warm afternoon in the stall office.  Hope you had a chance to grab a scoop and top it with your favorite toppings.  There was even a wonderful addition of snow cones this year!

Your officers on the Amateur Board were hard at work taking candid shots of our Reserve and Grand Champions for all the Amateur classes & divisions.  We hope you enjoyed following the outcome on our Facebook site – PHBA Amateurs.  This has been a growing service from your Amateur Board that has been well received.

And let’s not forget the Team Tournament awards sponsored by Southern States this year.  We had some great awards and strong teams competing.  If you did not participate in this year’s team tournament, make sure to sign up for it next year.  It is a great way to make new friends and support your fellow amateurs.

The new Walk Trot program continues to grow in numbers as seen at the World Show.

Most of the amateur attendees felt prepared to attend and compete at the world show because of their participation at APA shows during the year.  The APA shows are critical to the continued growth not only of the world show but of our amateur membership.  These shows are the backbone of this association.  The APA shows provide a platform for friendships, learning and improving our horsemanship skills, while the world show allows us to use those skills on a larger stage.  Both the APA shows and the world shows provide our amateur members a wonderful way to learn more about themselves, their horse and their skill set.  It is the hope of the Amateur Board that our amateurs will continue to participate in and grow thru the APA shows.

As President of the Amateur Board, I have tried to travel to more APA shows when possible and enjoyed catching up with old friends and meeting new members.   I and other Amateur Board members did the same at the world show.  Take the time and talk to your amateur board.  Help us find new ideas to increase our membership and show participation at all levels.   We welcome your ideas.

Happy trails to all and see you at convention.

Sandy Bendele, President

PHBA Amateur Executive Board