Amateur Presidents Message

Shelley Rystrom, PHBA-A President 2022-2023

Hello! My name is Shelley Rystrom and I am excited to be your 2022-2023 PHBA Amateur President. Your newly elected and appointed Amateur Executive Board is off and running with fundraising towards World Show Amateur class handouts, Trail Rides, our highly anticipated Ice Cream social at the World Show and more! Your representatives on this AEB hope that you will approach us with your ideas and concerns as we look forward to promoting and improving our beloved Amateur Palomino Association.

Current and Past Board members have worked hard at bringing inclusive and retention aimed programs to our members including being one of the first associations to have a Walk Trot Division as well as our 50+ Select division and our Novice division which has been updated over the years to fit our members needs most effectively. We are one of the few associations that allows our Select exhibitors to show in both Select (50 and over) and Amateur (19 and over) divisions with the same horse. We have also worked diligently to protect our Walk Trot Division to insure those exhibitors have a fair playing field, easy to understand rules and can lope when and if they feel ready at any show and step back down to Walk Trot if they don’t feel as ready the next weekend. We understand Walk Trot exhibitors and/or their horses need this division for a variety of reasons and the growth and continued support should give us all a feeling of pride.

Amateur status does not infer we are dilettantes. Though many of us are  beginners and some of us do this only for fun, many of us are also extremely accomplished and knowledgeable horsemen and women.  While we are not trainers, judges or otherwise considered professionals in the horse show industry, your AEB is here for you, feel free to ask any of us questions and we will gladly answer or assist you in finding the answer. One of the hallmarks of the PHBA is their reputation and standard of friendly and helpful members, and this AEB is no exception.

I’ll close my first letter to our membership with a challenge: Our rulebook is an extraordinary asset and I encourage all members, especially those who compete, to read it in full this year. (Find it here: ) If you choose to accept this challenge, we would love to hear from you and please share a rule you learned by doing so!  You can do so by following the PHBA Amateur page on facebook: .  Should you come across any questions, never hesitate to call our PHBA office. It is one of the friendliest and most helpful in the industry!

The Future is Golden,

Shelley Rystrom

2022-23 PHBA Amateur President