Amateur Presidents Message

Are you ready?!?!  Yes, you are!!

The World Show is almost here.  Entry’s are sent in.  Truck and trailer are washed, even though they will be dirty by the time we arrive.  The check list is slowly being checked off, hay, grain, show clothes back from the dry cleaners, clean tack (and the excuse I’ll do that there later, better yet find someone else to do it for me), traveling munchies, give the dog a bath and look for his license, call the vet for health papers.  Check the air conditioner unit!!  And…., there’s always something we’ve forgotten, and remember once we are on the road, maybe I should have brought the horse?!?!

Why do you go to the World Show?  The anticipation of seeing friends you see only once a year at the world show.  Or meeting new ones stabled next to you.  Having your morning coffee and donuts delivered to you on the back of a golf cart by the open and amateur presidents with a warm good morning and good luck today.  The friendly competition with your peers for the title of World Champion.  No matter the reason, we do make memories that make us smile for years to come.  What memories make you smile the most?  I would like to know.  Find me at the world show and introduce yourself.  You’ll make me smile.

What experiences do you want to experience again?  The water balloon fight in the wash stall.  The ice cream social or snow cones always a must on a hot July day in MS.  Having a great ride in your classes.  Nailing the pattern with the maneuvers you’ve been practicing all season.  Spending the best time with your forever heart horse.

Let’s go to a birthday party.  This year the Youth Association is celebrating their 50th Birthday.  The Amateur Board and Association wish the Youth and all its members a huge Congratulations on celebrating their 50th Birthday.  PHBA rule book says you must be 18 and under to be a youth, so how can you be 50?  You are now eligible for Amateur Select!

No matter your reason for attending, we will descend on Tunica, MS from July 9-19, to experience all it has to offer. I wish you a safe trip, great rides, and wonderful experiences at this year’s PHBA World Show.  And a special thank you to the families who have taken their time to attend and participate.

Enjoy the rest of what summer has to bring you and good luck.  I hear the APA shows are doing well. There’s one near you.

You are important and matter,

Marleen Cowie

Amateur Assoc. President

[email protected]