Amateur Presidents Message

We are in uncharted territory and I don’t know how to read a compass, but I have faith I can figure this out.  We can figure this out together.

With this year’s convention canceled, we could not conduct business and vote in a new amateur board.  So, I’m still here for another year.  Your amateur board has also remained the same as last year.  We get a do over.  We are in hopes to accomplish what we didn’t have time to do last year, and more, with your help.  On our FB page, PHBA Amateurs, we will be posting a short bio of our board members for you to “Get to know your amateur board members”.  This will help you recognize any one of us at a show or meeting so you can share any ideas you may have for us.  Or email us at [email protected]  We are always on the lookout for the next great idea.  It may be yours.  Please talk with us and share your ideas.

We are moving forward with World show plans.  We have long awaited a new location for the World Show, and Springfield, Il entered our lives.  The Springfield area has worked hard to welcome us and the Amateur Board thought it appropriate to give back to the community, and say thank you.  We have organized a food drive and are asking that you bring an item with you to the world show.  We are working with the Kumler Ministries of the United Methodist Church Outreach Program.  A list of items for which there is the most need will be posted on our web site.  We will also post it on the PHBA Amateurs FB page.  Help us leave a positive impression on this community and let them know what kind and generous members PHBA can claim.  We will be talking about this again over the next few months.

Since we all seem to have horses and aren’t going anywhere any time soon, you can still work on a goal with your horse for year-end recognition at the awards banquet for next year’s convention.  Get outside and do some activities that qualify for the Recreational Riding Program. It is very simple and you’re probably already doing it. First you need to be a current member and enroll you with your horse in the program ( for enrollment, log sheet, and rules). Then every time you ride, from arena practice, going trail riding, practicing your pattern maneuvers, and showing, any time you are in the saddle, fill out your log sheet for the hours you spent riding your horse.    Or driving, train your horse to drive.  Receive awards and recognition of your accomplishments at the year-end awards banquet.  It’s that easy.  Watch the web site for any updates and news.

There is much talk on how Smiling is good for us.  Smiling is contagious.  Smiling also has a positive impact on those around us.  It’s amazing how something so minor can have such an important impact. You make others happy, and people trust you more.  Smiling activates neuropeptides that fight stress by sending the message to your body that you’re happy.  Smiling is to me the ultimate way to keep an elevated mood. Find something to make you smile, go riding, or if you are confined watch an old movie (or read an old book) that you haven’t watched in years.  There are many horse related movies out there.  I like The Horse in the Grey Flannel Suit, Seabiscuit, Secretariat, or National Velvet.  What’s your favorite horse movie?

Here’s your chance people, to bring back, and introduce the younger generation to the older family values we grew up with.  Family meals together, game night, movie night, making cookies, make some homemade ice cream, choose family togetherness projects and make memories.  The best gift you can give your family is your time, embrace it.

We will get through this together, with our horses at our side, and our choice to look positively on this experience.  It’s all in how you choose to look at it.  And smile!

Go hug and kiss your horse,

Marleen Cowie

Amateur President

[email protected]