President’s Message

I would like to Welcome Exhibitors, Families, and Fans to the 40th Anniversary of the PHBA World Show.

PHBA has seen several changes through the 40 years of operation. The first world show was held in 1983. As many of us have seen things have changed and adapted greatly from the first world show.
There have been great advancements in technology during this time and PHBA tries to do its best in staying in front of trends that can improve our operations. We have seen these improvements with utilization of smart devices like tablets, iPads, Computers, High Speed Wireless Internet and management software all of which improve the accuracy and speed that shows can be conducted.

Livestream will be back this year and for those who are unable to attend you can catch all of the action from anywhere internet is available to you. Details can be found at, tune in for day by day coverage. Without dedicated sponsors this would not be possible. Thank you for being there.

This year will once again have a few special and original fun classes for exhibitors to participate in. Spectators will have a great opportunity to join in the fun by cheering on their favorite contestant or contestants. Everyone is invited to come together for the 2nd Annual Street Party. Our street party is the perfect time to socialize, meet new participants and reflect back on the previous 40 years of PHBA World Show history.

PHBA World Show success comes from those who participate. We need to thank our great sponsors for all they have contributed to the success and prosperity of the PHBA. This year once again we have great class sponsorship and division sponsorship such as Terry and Tammy Bradshaw’s contribution to the Amateur halter again this year!

I personally hope that you will enjoy our 2023 PHBA World Show and lets have our best world show that we have seen in the past 40 years!! Good luck to all exhibitors and I look forward to seeing you around the barn or show ring.


Dave Remus

PHBA President