President’s Message

Lowanda McDowell, Asheboro, NC

2019-2021 PHBA President

I hope this finds each of you healthy and enjoying your summer.  Shows are starting to come back here and there and word on the street is they are doing very well.  2020 has proven to be a very trying year for everyone so it was great to hear that the shows that were held were profitable and fun.

I know you are eagerly waiting for more information on our World Show and you are not alone.  The PHBA office has been in constant contact with the facility via email.  Staff at the Illinois Fairgounds has tentative plans to return to work on July 16.  They have communicated with us that they are trying to get a handle on requirements and protocols for upcoming events.  My question to them consistently has been, “Are we good to go with our September dates?” they tell me each time I ask that we are a go.  However, they do not have the restrictions, protocols, etc. that you are wondering about.  As soon as those are available I promise they will be published via email, Facebook and on our website.

The first deadline for the World Show is coming up quickly so get those entries in.  I realize that some of you have been questioning what would happen if we have to change dates or venue.  The answer is PHBA will refund all entries and fees if PHBA is forced to change dates or venue because of COVID-19.  We are not anticipating any change but if forced, we will make a change.  Your Executive Board will do their very best to make sure the World Show will happen.  Hopefully this will help in your decision making process to enter before the first deadline.

Make sure to check your email and watch for the online auction offering specials in the World show program.  Bidders have a chance to win prizes so check it out!  PHBA needs your support so contact one of the Sponsorship committee members and place your ad or sponsor your favorite class today!

The PHBA Cattle World show was held July 2-3 in conjunction with the Tulsa Holiday Circuit and ABRA Cattle World.  This is the 3rd year PHBA has offered the Cattle World and each year we gain members and registrations.  Once again we were able to educate more people on the Palomino Bred program and PHBA was well received by the participants.  It was a great event showcasing some very talented cowboys exhibiting some top notch horses.

Stay safe and I look forward to seeing you!

Lowanda McDowell

PHBA President