Youth President’s Message

Macey Koehler, PHBA-Y President 2021-2022

Spring is right around the corner! With the weather warming up and our show dates
getting closer, everyone is in show preparation mode.

The PHBA Youth board was hard at work during the Palomino Convention in Tulsa,
Oklahoma, in March, planning for the PHBA World Championship Show taking place in July.
The class numbers are expected to be reaching new heights, with prizes going to just about
each and every exhibitor. Our new excitement focuses on our youngest exhibitors, the lead
liners. One of our most spectated will now have a reduced entry fee! This class represents the
start of just about each and every one of our horse-showing careers. We feel that lowering the
entry fee will encourage more participation from our younger siblings, kids, and grandkids in the
horse industry. The PHBA Youth Board would like to thank our two sponsors Mary Ann Fielitz
and Kimberly Dolen for making this possible, as well as the PHBA Executive Board for making
this idea possible.

Impact Gel has generously donated to youth ranch rail and ranch riding for the “Youth
President’s Choice Awards”. This award is a new idea that will be underway starting this year at
the World show. We are delighted to have Impact Gel set the bar so high for the “Youth
President’s Choice Awards”. Thank you to World Champion Grooming Products. They have
generously donated a can of Pepi to be given out for each and every youth class! A huge thank
you to both of these sponsors.

Ways to get involved with this project include sponsoring World Show classes, magazine
advertisements, or prizes to give out to exhibitors! If this interests you, feel free to reach out to
our office at [email protected]

The biggest and most well-known horse fair in America is coming up in April. The
Midwest Horse Fair in Madison, Wisconsin is for horse people of all ages and levels of
experience to come together to witness this great event. Over 500 vendor booths selling
merchandise and tack for interests of all levels. Hundreds of seminars, educational events, and
clinics are held and presented by the top horsemen in the country. Different breeds are
represented during the breed demonstrations in the arenas. I am super excited to be selected to
represent PHBA in the breed presentation this year with my mare, Shesgot Great Legs.

Happy show season-prepping!