Youth President’s Message

Macey Koehler, PHBA-Y President 2021-2022

Hello PHBA and fellow horse associations! It’s that time of year to bust out the winter
jackets and heated water buckets for our furry friends. Some states have already witnessed the
first fall of snow!
As the year passes by, the PHBA Youth Board has been busy at work planning the
PHBA Youth World show in Springfield, Illinois. Random prize drawings, fundraisers, and games
are planned throughout the entire week for all to participate in. Class numbers and youth
involvement have been growing year after year, allowing this year’s world show to be the best
one yet! Our goal is to have every youth competitor or spectator go home with a prize, whether
it’s a world champion ribbon won in a class, Airpods won in a random prize raffle, or even treats
for your horses!
Make sure to mark your calendars, as the PHBA National Convention is taking place
March 16-19, 2022 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Here, the association goes over possible rule changes
or additions, while getting together to see friends across the country. All are welcome with open
arms. If you are looking to test the waters of PHBA, attend award banquets, meet fellow
showmen, or even just get to know the association, I highly recommend attending! Each year,
the youth board plans an outing for all youth to participate in. The previous convention, the
youth who attended took a trip to an escape room, followed by going out to dinner as a group.
Additional information about the PHBA National Convention can be found on the PHBA website.
Did you know that PHBA offers a scholarship for its members? Each year at the
convention, the PHBA Youth Scholarship and Educational Fund Board of Directors announces
the recipients of this award. Applying is easy! The application can be found on our website
along with other requirements to apply.
Happy Holidays!