PHBA and the ELD Mandate

After careful research and qualified input from Washington DC, PHBA has determined the following about the ELD Mandate.

Fact: there is currently a 90 day waiver before the proposed regulations become in effect.

Fact:  there is a 30 day period open for comments.

Fact:  there is a monumental amount of misinformation about the mandate.

Fact:  it does not apply to all persons hauling livestock.

What can you as a PHBA member do?

The most effective thing that each one of you can do is contact your US Congressman and/or Senators and respectfully and intelligently discuss the issues surrounding the new regulations for livestock transportation.   Each of these officials has a Policy Director or in some cases an Agricultural Liaison he/she will be adequately equipped to listen and gain knowledge for their respective employer.  Please do this is a timely fashion.  If you do not know who your representatives are or how to contact him/her, please contact Ann Jones 404 550 2882 or [email protected] she will be happy to supply you with the needed information.

For all current regulations please visit this website www.fmcsa.dot.gov/regulations.

We can work effectively to educate our elected officials.  Education is our best option to fight laws and regulations that can and will harm our Industry.

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