PHBA enhances Novice Amateur Program effective January 1, 2014

The Novice Amateur Per Class Credential Letter is a supplementary program to enhance the current Novice Amateur eligibility (PHBA Rule #5002). This program is designed for Amateurs who have not achieved twenty-five (25) points in a Novice Amateur Class and wish to exhibit in those classes.  Amateurs could now choose to have a per Novice class credential letter to compete until twenty-five (25) points per class have been achieved. (Example: If an Amateur has 65 points in Novice Amateur Western Pleasure, 20 points in Novice Amateur Trail and 15 points in Novice Amateur Western Riding the exhibitor would have 100 points and by rule 5002A becomes an Amateur card holder. However they would be eligible to request a credential letter to continue to exhibit in any novice class they do not have 25 points. In this case Novice Amateur trail or Novice Amateur Western Riding would apply since they have not achieved 25 Novice Amateur points in each of these classes.  They would still have to compete as an Amateur in Western Pleasure.)

  • The Amateur who chooses to compete as a qualified Credentialed Novice per class is responsible for requesting a credential letter of eligibility no later than two (2) weeks prior to the desired show.
  • The exhibitor will be charged a processing fee of $25.00 per class.
  • The exhibitor will be responsible for showing the per class Novice credential letter to the show secretary at the time of class entry.
  • The per class credential is valid for one calendar year: January 1-December 31.
  • Exhibitors who earn 25 or more points in a Novice credentialed class during the year will be eligible to compete in the Credentialed Novice class until December 31.

Novice Credential Request (PDF)

For more information contact the PHBA office at (918) 438-1234