President’s Message

Don Coats, St Stephens Church, VA

2017-2018 PHBA President


With the Holidays quickly approaching and a New Year right around the corner, it’s time to reflect on PHBA’s accomplishments of this year and look forward to the New Year.

Starting with the 2017 PHBA Convention, the excitement and energy from the individual committees was invigorating and it didn’t end there. Committees have been engaged and working throughout the year to plan and execute some of the ideas from the convention. Ideas like a new banner for the Palomino Bred Registry, business cards to hand out to new prospective members, developing a new website, developing a new marketing plan and forming new alliances with sister organizations such as ABRA.

With the help of friends like Clay Gant (Cowboy Bronze) with his generous donation of the “Summer Breeze” limited edition numbered sculptures and Joni Beinborn’s “Gifted N Gold” signed and numbered prints, PHBA was able to get a good start on raising the funds needed for the new programming to manage memberships, registrations, transfers, show approvals, show results, awards and titles. But we are have not quite reached our goal or the full amount needed to move forward with the software development. There are still sculptures and prints available, so please contact the PHBA Office, if you are interested in donating to help make the new system a reality and wish to own one of these beautiful art pieces.

The PHBA World Show is always surrounded by excitement and this year was no exception. We were fortunate to have in our ranks Terry Bradshaw who was very gracious and said that he and his family had a great time and they are planning to come back to the 2018 World Show. After the show, every participant received a card from the PHBA thanking them for their participation. We have always appreciated World Show participation, but this is the first time in some time that a card was sent and the response from the exhibitors was overwhelmingly appreciative. We also offered paid subscriptions to the video feed of the World Show for those who could not make the trip to be able to see the show and afterward each person who subscribed was sent a thank you email to which the response was greatly positive as well.

Looking toward 2018, planning has begun for new events such as the Oil Can Classic also being the home of the PHBA World Championship for Roping and Cattle Events. It has been an ongoing challenge to offer these types of events at the PHBA World Show. Recognizing both the challenge in offering these events and the demand from members who show in these events, PHBA has teamed up with the Oil Can Classic. We are looking forward to a successful partnership and encourage our members to participate and help ensure the success this first year.

We have also been working with the Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association to hold a special event at the 2018 PHBA World Show in Tunica. This is another opportunity to broaden PHBA’s offerings to its members by building alliances with other organizations. We are excited to bring these opportunities to PHBA members and hope to gain new friends in the process.

As you can see, it’s been a busy year, but it doesn’t stop here. The 2018 PHBA Convention in March 2018 will be in Tulsa, OK. We would like to extend an invitation to every PHBA member to come and participate in the committee discussions and votes. You do not have to be a National Director to vote in committees you have asked to be assigned; every PHBA Member in good standing is eligible to participate. These committees shape the future of PHBA by deciding which proposed rule changes are voted in or voted down. This association belongs to its members, so we hope you will get involved and join us in Tulsa.

I wish each of you a very Merry Holiday and hope to see you in the New Year.

“PHBA is more than our golden horse, it is about having fun and being with friends and family.”


Don Coats, PHBA President

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President’s Message

Don CoatsDon Coats, St Stephens Church, VA

2017-2018 PHBA President


The 2017 PHBA World Championship Show was filled with outstanding halter and performance horses. The quality of the Palomino and Palomino Bred horses exhibited would be highly competitive in any arena. 

WCHA’s Yellow Rose Futurity is growing and 2018 should be something to see and be part of. 

Our congratulations to all the 2017 Golden Horse winners and World Champions.

All that participated are special and we reach out to thank all sponsors, owners, trainers and exhibitors for your support to help make our World Show filled with family-friendly fun. We are especially appreciative of the renowned Terry Bradshaw and his wife Tammy for bringing their fine Palominos. Terry and Tammy graciously mingled with everyone and expressed their feeling of comfort being with those who shared their love of golden horses.  

Youth exhibitors excelled in the arena while competing in a wide variety of classes. Their time outside the arena was highlighted with several fun activities with trainers & other volunteers. They work and compete hard, but at the end of the day they are forging relationships that will last a lifetime in a safe family friendly environment. I would like to challenge each APA to do whatever they can to support their youth to get involved at a national level. There are youth programs designed to help them in all aspects of life and the PHBA scholarship program continues to support the educational dreams of our youth.

We cannot thank enough the overwhelming generosity of two very talented equine artists.

Clay and Betty Gant of Cowboy Bronze have contributed 25 Limited Edition Sculptures for PHBA to raise funds through donations. The sculpture is named “Summer Breeze”. 

Joni Beinborn is a well-recognized equine artist. She did a pastel painting titled “Gifted In Gold” and she has released 25 signed and numbered prints to PHBA as a fund raiser. 

One sculpture and one artist proof painting were donated to the PHBA Challenged Horseman Program auction, netting over $3000.00 for this outstanding program. 

Those who signed up for the web cast responded favorably as to the excellent quality and expressed seeing it from their home was next best to being in Tunica. PHBA thanks you for your support by subscribing to 3-2-1 Action Video. 

It amazes me the amount of talent within our membership and the suggestions they have made. I am very pleased that many of their suggestions are now in place for improving and growing PHBA.  Members are encouraged to contact the Office and ask to be assigned to those committees in which they have an interest. If any member has a suggestion that they would like PHBA to consider, I strongly urge you to contact the chair of that committee with your suggestions. 

To reiterate, PHBA is more than our golden horses, it is about having fun while being with friends and family.  We invite and welcome you, to join us.