Palomino Bred Registry

Palomino Bred Registry

This registry provides an opportunity for horses that have a palomino parent to be part of the Palomino family.  The Palomino Bred Registry (PB) has been developed to provide an avenue of recognition and competition for PHBA offspring which either are off-color or are lacking the ideal coat and mane & tail characteristics, and thereby do not meet the regular PHBA registration guidelines. Horses seeking PB registration must have one parent registered with PHBA (not including the PB registry) and the other parent is registered in a PHBA recognized equine registry.


The eligible Palomino Bred applicant:

  • Is a horse of ANY color
  • May exhibit any characteristics that do not meet the PHBA registration guidelines as stated in the current year PHBA Official Handbook, Rules 503-512. These may be, but are not limited to, a palomino bred with Paint markings, Appaloosa markings or a palomino that displays less than a 75% white mane and tail color.
  • Must be produced from the breeding of a least one PHBA registered parent (not including the PB registry) and the other parent is registered in a PHBA recognized equine registry
  • Must meet conformation requirements for registry, see Rule 502
  • May be registered in a PHBA recognized breed

Hardship Clause:

The owner of an eligible PB horse, whose palomino parent is not registered with PHBA but meets PHBA registration guidelines, may seek registration of his/her PB horse using one of the following options:

  • Non-PHBA registered living palomino parent requirements:
    • The owner of the PB eligible horse may purchase one annual membership in the name of the owner of parent horse plus the registration of the parent horse.
    • Parent horse must meet PHBA registration guidelines.
    • Letter documentation is required, if the owner of parent horse is agreeable.
  • Deceased palomino parent requirements:
    • Copy(ies) of registration paper(s) in a PHBA recognized equine breed
    • Proof of deceased status (registration papers indicating status are acceptable)
    • Proof of palomino color, as stated on registration papers

Hardship Submissions:

All required documents plus required fees must be submitted when using the Hardship Clause when registering a PB horse.

  • PB Registration Application, completed
  • Copy(ies) of PHBA recognized breed association paper(s), stating palomino color of parent horse
  • Pictures of parent horse, see Rule 557
  • All appropriate fees, paid in full

Other Information:

  • The owner of the eligible PB horse to be registered may be asked to supply four (4) color photographs (see Rule 557) and these will become the property of PHBA
  • All documents, specimens, photographs, etc. become the property of PHBA
  • A horse may NOT be registered in both the PHBA regular registry and the PB registry


A full slate of PB classes has been developed and is available for approval at local PHBA shows. Exception: A color class will not be offered in this program.

  • No additional charge for show approval of these classes is needed
  • PB classes will follow the same rules and regulations as other PHBA classes
  • PB horses are eligible for all PHBA programs, such as but not limited to the Palomino Incentive Program (PIP), the Palomino Performance Program(PPP), Recreational Riding Program (RRP)
  • PB horses are eligible to compete in NSBA approved Color classes
  • The Point Scale for PB horses is the same as (regular registry) PHBA horses
  • All PB classes will be stand-alone classes; they will not be intermingled with other classes

The PHBA World Show offers a set of PB classes:

  • Classes are offered in the following divisions:
    • Open
    • Amateur
    • Youth
  • The class fees and entry deadlines for PB classes are the same as other PHBA classes

When breeding to a Palomino we typically hope for a golden offspring, but nature often has a mind of its own.  This registry recognizes those offspring which are off-color.  As an association, PHBA wants to encourage those offspring to be part of the PHBA family and this growing registry provides that opportunity.  REGISTER YOUR OFFSPRING NOW!


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