Palomino Bred Registry

Mission statement:   “to provide an avenue of recognition and competition for non-Palomino offspring resulting from breeding of one or both parents that are registered with Palomino Horse Breeders of America and one parent from a PHBA approved registry”.

Requirements for registry

  • Horse must meet conformation requirements for registry as outlined in the PHBA official handbook in Rules #502.
  • Owner (s) must current or joining members of PHBA.
  • Horses can be registered with any breed registry recognized by PHBA.
  • Horses must have at least one PHBA palomino colored registered parent. The other parent must be registered with one of the breed associations recognized by PHBA. (Get or produce of a deceased horse may be registered in this program upon proof of PHBA registration of one or both parents).
  • Horses of palomino color with excessive white may be accepted.
  • Completed application along with proof of PHBA parent registration is required.
  • Four Photographs (front, back and each side of horses) maybe required.
  • Registration fees for this registry will mirror the fees of the regular registry.

Horse may NOT be registered in both the PHBA regular registry and the Palomino Bred registry.

Continuing Plan

The PHBA World Show will offer a set of Palomino Bred classes in July. Halter, Longe Line Western Pleasure, Hunter Under Saddle and Trail will be offered in all open, amateur and youth divisions. The class fees and deadlines for these classes are the same as the other world show classes.

A full slate of classes has been developed and available for approval at local PHBA shows.

No additional charge for approval of these classes. These classes will follow the same rules and regulations as other PHBA classes and the point scale will be the same as well. Exception: Color Class; a color division will not be offered in through this program. All Palomino Bred classes will be stand alone classes; they will not be intermingled with other classes.

Palomino Bred registered horses are also eligible to compete in NSBA approved Color classes.