World Show


Springfield, IL

Illinois State Fairgrounds

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2020 Challenged Horseman Golden Horse

Walk Trot

GH – Caiton All Decked Out and Evan Zaloudek

RGH – Zips Gold Copykat and Reyna Taylor

Walk Trot Lope

GH – Details N Assets and Erin Bates

RGH – Setting The Stage and Amy Bentler

2020 Youth Golden Horse


GH- Theseironsarestrait and Riata Rouch

RGH – RVR Natural Cat and Daeleigh Faith Patridge

13 & U

GH – Heza Izzy Roper and Kenzie Duggin

RGH – Lenas Wimpys Rooster and Kyrah Bowker

Novice Youth 18 & U

GH – Sunny Investment and Natalie Ruha

RGH – Theseironsarestrait and Riata Rouch

Walk Trot 10-18

GH – Never Outta Style and Katherine Cleveland

RGH – Strait n Impulsive and Ian Danforth

Walk Trot 5-9

GH – Maidjalook and Katherine Bormann

RGH – Flash Me A Gold Chip and Ella Miller

Max Eisenberg Memorial Sportsmanship Award

Kyrah Bowker

2020 Golden Horse


GH – SLJ Im Stubbornjuice, Danielle Beauchamp

RGH – Skye Blue Magic, Nina Christensen


GH – Skye Blue Magic and Nina Christensen

RGH – Cowboysainteasytoluv and Kelsey Guthrie Rudy

Amateur Select 

GH – And Hes Gold and Sharon Ohler

RGH – Reinvest In The Best and Julie Schley

Novice Amateur 

GH – All Nite Invite and Cynthia Olsen

RGH – Decks Cinderella and Karla Ericksen

Amateur Walk Trot

GH – Ikissagirlnilikedit and Brandy Vaincourt

RGH – Rags To Rhinestones Cowboy and Chelsea Short

Palomino Bred Amateur High Point

HP – Zip Me Plenty Good and Jennifer Henry

RHP – Outa Your League and Mackenzie Kerr


Amateur Team Tournament

Youth Team Tournament

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