World Show


July 7-17, 2020 – Springfield, IL





Golden Horse Winners


Golden Horse – Zip Thru Stars; Barbara Osborne, Americus, GA

Res. Golden Horse – Skye Blue Magic; Kayla McQuaig, Newport Beach, CA


Golden Horse – Cowboysainteasytoluv; Kelsey Guthrie Rudy, Vassar, MI

Res. Golden Horse – Sky Blue Magic, Nina Christensen, Newport Beach, CA

Amateur Select

Golden Horse – To Nights Hot Date; Debbie Wall

Res. Golden Horse – Reinvest In The Best; Julie Schley, Souix Center, IA

Novice Amateur

Golden Horse – Im Applelicious; Laura Gunnell, Trenton, MI

Res. Golden Horse – All Nite Invite; Cynthia Olsen, Chicago, IL

Amateur Walk Trot

Golden Horse – Deliberately Dirty; Melissa Bachman, Lebanon, TN

Res. Golden Horse – The Slow Ride; Lauren Fehrenbach, Florence KY

Youth Golden Horse Winners


Golden Horse – Sonrise and Old Lace; Ellie Schley, Souix Center, IA

Res. Golden Horse – Invite This Blonde; Margaret Worley, Lawrence, KS

13 & U

Golden Horse – Zippo Gold Dandy; Mazie Bowen, Walton, AL

Res. Golden Horse – Strait To Paris; Lanie Phelps, Rich Hill, MO

Novice Youth 18 & U

Golden Horse – Never Outa Style; Hanna Hussey, Memphis, TN

Res. Golden Horse – Hoos The Boss; Kathryn Roehrs, Mead, CO

Walk Trot 10-18

Golden Horse – Seek The Deck; Elliana Roehrs, Mead, CO

Res. Golden Horse – BCQH Diamond Lass; CJ Kirland, Buckner, MO

Youth High Point Palomino Bred

High Point – Exquisite Courtney; Reagan Boswell, Dayton, TX

Res. High Point – Emeralds Envy; Kimber Bauer, Winnie, TX

Youth Team Tournament

1st Place

  • Zippo Gold Dandy – Mazie Bowen
  • How D My Valentine – Julius (Nic) Culwell
  • Frecklesfrosty Spark – Joy Nabors
  • Zipped But Smooth – Mackenzie Kerr
  • Has A Tradition Step – Anna Lyne Harris

2nd Place

  • Classic Kinda Kid – Austin Reynolds
  • Invite This Blonde – Margaret Worley
  • BCQHA Diamond Lass – CJ Kirkland
  • Exquisite Courtney – Reagan Boswell
  • Timer Hid My Fancy – McAuley Ross

3rd Place

  • DC Classic Legacy – Colton Mize
  • Famous N Fancy – Robert (Bobby) Culwell
  • Hekickstarts Myheart – Kathlyn Hauxwell
  • You Bet Shez Invited – Katherine Cleveland
  • Yellowbellied Pirate – Lillie Koester

Youth Scholarship Recipients receiving $500 each

  • Hanna Hussey of Memphis, TN
  • Rylee King of Corpus Christi, TX

 Max Eisenberg Memorial Sportsmanship Award

Brady Horn, Pevely, MO


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