Amateur Presidents Message

August 2018

Greetings PHBA Amateurs Members

It is a midway point in the Amateur Board year and therefore it is time to take a moment and reflect on the last six months particularly in light of the completion of our 2018 Palomino World Show.  Our amateurs were well represented across all divisions at the world show.   For those that attended, participated or watched on line, we hope you enjoyed yourself.  The world show, like the convention provides a great opportunity to meet one another, support one another and share ideas. {MORE}

Amateur Presidents Message

With 2023 in the rearview mirror, I would like to highlight some of our amateur successes, that aren’t possible without great teamwork.   The PHBA National Convention was one of these, where we worked hard, yet had tons of fun. We had our best benefit auction in years, which put us in great shape for receiving our beautiful 2023 year-end championship awards.  Everyone came excited, and I loved how everyone dressed up and made it a festive awards night.  We all have fond memories of the friends and shows we have attended throughout the year. Our PHBA family is the best.

The PHBA World Show was also a booming, festive event, where we worked hard, yet had plenty of time for fun.  The new Showmanship Shoot Out class was a highly successful “can’t-miss” event, and fun for all exhibitors and spectators.   I look forward to seeing the new theme and creativity in place for this class in 2024. With this amateur group, nothing is impossible!   Another epic event was our annual “Street Party” which is always fun.  Each year this reminds me of the good food, street dancing, and singing, that is also part of many APA gatherings, where you might find a good game of dominoes, hearts, or even a chess game.  I want to send a heartfelt thank you to Terry and Tammy Bradshaw for their generous contribution for the World Show Amateur halter classes. Your generosity is appreciated every year. Last, but not least, I want to thank the APA’s who sent fantastic baskets that were raffled off at the world show as another fundraiser for more amateur activities. If you didn’t send one in 2023, please start planning now for your APA’s 2024 world show basket and let’s make them even better this year.

As we prepare for the PHBA National Convention March 6 – 9 2024 in Tulsa Oklahoma, I hope everyone will start making plans to attend. We will begin with a complimentary reception Thursday night with live entertainment this year. Friday night will be our Live Auction, so please bring your pocketbook, because the items will be amazing. Saturday night will be our epic awards banquet, to celebrate everyone’s successes.   Please make sure to attend our amateur meeting, where we will all take a look at the new rule proposals and how they might affect our showing. It is open for all amateurs to attend and voice your opinion. While in Tulsa, please stop by and visit our amateur exhibit at the PHB Heritage Foundation Museum where you will find a great collection of PHBA memorabilia, both past and present

As the National Convention adjourns, I hope we will leave Tulsa as a team that will help carry PHBA to our most fun and profitable year ever.  Get your dues paid early, your novice credentials in early, and start planning for your show schedule in the year 2024.  Show have already started in January and will continue until the last show in December.

I can’t wait to see everybody as we go down the road and continue on with the camaraderie and friendship of our PHBA amateurs.

Let’s get this year started out with a bang and let teamwork be our motto.

Helen Fleming-Bryson

PHBA Amateur President 2023-2024