Amateur Presidents Message

August 2018

Greetings PHBA Amateurs Members

It is a midway point in the Amateur Board year and therefore it is time to take a moment and reflect on the last six months particularly in light of the completion of our 2018 Palomino World Show.  Our amateurs were well represented across all divisions at the world show.   For those that attended, participated or watched on line, we hope you enjoyed yourself.  The world show, like the convention provides a great opportunity to meet one another, support one another and share ideas. {MORE}

Amateur Presidents Message

Diane Kutz, PHBA-A President 2021-2022

Dear Amateurs

Our world show was a great success.  For those of you that were able to come and participate, I am sure you noticed that our number of entries were up as well as our number of horses.  Hopefully this is a trend that will continue going forward.  What is particularly exciting is that the amateurs are beginning to utilize our novice credentialing to get into the showring in those classes in which they have little experience.  This means growth in our novice amateur numbers.  Our walk trot program continues to be well supported.  Your board members were at the world show to hand out awards for each of the amateur classes.  This was a huge commitment of time and I thank each and every one of them for their participation and assistance.

I also want to thank TBQH, Tammy and Terry Bradshaw for their support of the amateur association through their donation of payback monies at the world show for the amateur halter classes.  It was so well received.

At the world show, the amateur board again took donations of nonperishable goods for the Kumler Foundation, an organization that serves the underprivileged in the Springfield area.  I want to thank each of you that brought donations.  Kumler was very grateful.

As amateurs, it is important that each and every one of us take a moment to reach out to nonmembers that have horses eligible for registration with the association and make those people feel welcome and encourage them to become part of our Palomino family.  As your president, I have challenged each of the amateur board members to get at least one new member and to encourage registration of a previously unregistered horse.  That challenge has been well received and each of your board members are working hard to help grow our membership and registration numbers.

Please keep in mind that your voice in the association is critical for the association to grow thoughtfully and in a way that takes into account the issues raised by its members.  One way to do this is through the rulemaking process.  As you may be aware, each year at the association’s annual convention, newly proposed rules are reviewed, discussed and voted on by the national delegates.  Proposed rule changes are typically due in November.  I urge you to check the PHBA website for the due date for the submission of any proposed rule changes and submit such a proposal where you see the need for a rule change.

Your Amateur Board has been working hard for all of the amateurs in the association.  We welcome your thoughts, suggestions and concerns and want to make sure that we are responsive to each of you.  Reach out and let us know your thoughts and how we can continue to grow our amateur ranks and participation.

Your Amateur President,

Diane Kutz