Amateur Presidents Message

August 2018

Greetings PHBA Amateurs Members

It is a midway point in the Amateur Board year and therefore it is time to take a moment and reflect on the last six months particularly in light of the completion of our 2018 Palomino World Show.  Our amateurs were well represented across all divisions at the world show.   For those that attended, participated or watched on line, we hope you enjoyed yourself.  The world show, like the convention provides a great opportunity to meet one another, support one another and share ideas. {MORE}

Amateur Presidents Message

Shelley Rystrom, PHBA-A President 2022-2023

Happy Fall to my horse show friends and family! Fall means it’s time to register those foals! Registration is easiest and most cost efficient their weanling year and adds value to prospective buyers! It is especially important to register your Palomino Bred foals as this growing registration division needs the added exposure of every eligible foal being registered, marketed and shown. Registration is one of the easiest ways to assist your Palomino Horse Breeders of America in continued growth of horses and new members as foals are sold into their future homes.


With the changing of the leaves comes Futurity season and some of the last PHBA shows of the year! You can find a full calendar of events here: And if you’re on the fence about heading out to another show, you may want to check the point standings, here:  – adding one more show may qualify you for a year end award or help you achieve your ROM, Superior or Championship awards!


Another important date to consider is the upcoming Rule Change Proposal deadline. Rule changes must be submitted 120 days prior to our National Convention and this date usually hits in early November. While November may seem a ways out, rule changes should be carefully considered, well written and take into consideration all of the other areas of the rulebook that may need additions or revisions by one small rule change. I promise, as someone who has worked on rule change proposals, there are ramifications to every rule change! And that’s not a bad thing but one you will want plenty of time to mull over and consider to submit your clearest ideas!  Change is growth and we welcome the conversations that start when new ideas and rule changes are shared and proposed!


The Amateur Executive Board will host a Pampered Chef Party again this holiday season. Last year we were able to raise enough money in our final drive of the year to land the Amateur Association financially out of the red, which we hope to do again this year. Please save a bit of your Christmas Shopping and kitchen needs to purchase in our Party which will open right after Thanksgiving and include Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals!


Other ways you can continue to support your Association and the Amateurs is to simply renew your membership! It is easier than ever now and you can do it from the comfort of your recliner! click the Join Now! Button and renew today! If you are a lifetime member, we greatly appreciate you updating your Amateur status!


Hopefully we will see you at a horse show this fall! In the meantime, happy trails!


Shelley Rystrom

PHBA Amateur President